XS3 + P6 / Ania Pro

The XS3 has a MM phonostage. With the Ania Pro’s relatively low output, what would be a better move:

  1. Use the XS3’s phonostage and get a step-up transformer. What are good SUTs currently available that would do justice with the combo?

  2. Get a Naim Stageline and power this using the XS3. What Stageline version is best suited for Rega MCs?

  3. Get a Rega Aria.

  4. Other options?


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the ideal phono stage for a Rega cartridge is a Rega. I’ve no idea about SUTs so can’t advise on that one. If you want to keep things simple, my first thought is that a Planar 8 with Exact should be a lot better than a 6 with an Ania Pro. That’s what I used with my Supernait 3’s internal stage and it was excellent. On the other hand, if you wish to stick with the 6 and Ania Pro, a Fono MC might be a value choice. The Aria is quite expensive, but very good, and would stand you in good stead if you think you may later get a better turntable.


Get the Rega Aria if you can. I have a P6 with Ania Pro and have not regretted spending on an Aria for one second. They are built for each other.

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Rega is very much designed as a system.

With your Rega deck and MC cart, I doubt you will get more synergy from anything else than a Fono MC or Aria phono stage.

IMO the only other option would be to go MM, trade in the Aria Pro for something like an Ortofon 2M Black directly into the Nait XS3, but given the price of the Fono MC why bother?

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Don’t get a SUT, get a headamp, I’ve had great results with a Rothwell Headspace II paired with an AT-OC9XML on a P6/RB880 combo.

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