XS3 paint finish quality

I just purchased a brand new boxed XS3 and have been quite surprised (and disappointed, frankly) by the poor quality of the finish on the left and right front panels, and I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same. It came with white marks (looked like powdery finger prints) near and around the volume knob. Having now (mostly) wiped them off, there are still dull marks and pronounced scratches in these areas. To be clear, they’re only visible at certain angles. Has anybody noticed this on an XS3 or any other products with the same metallic finish?

The left and right channels are also not balanced at low volumes, which is not great but possibly acceptable according to the forums.

I think I’d be having a word with my dealer…


Indeed. It’s not normal

Demo unit maybe… Would be surprised if that came from production line… No way you should accept it if you just unboxed it.

In my experience nothing would leave the factory in that state.

Thanks for the thoughts on this. Again to be balanced about it, from certain angles (most angles even), it looks fine.

Frankly, I have had several different problems with various Naim units breaking (or having significant quality control issues) over the past year or so. I guess my next step will be either to get a replacement or possibly seek a refund. I’d hate to start the amp search again though, as Naim really sound great.

Don’t give up if you can. Get your dealer sort it out for you, as @Richard.Dane suggests. The “pain” of finding an acceptable replacement from another brand might be much greater than getting this problem solved… And if your dealer is “difficult”, call HQ…

Looks worse than a used unit.

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I have noticed that the anodized finish is slightly abrasive, when your nails or skin rub along the surface (typically when you turn the volume knob) some skin or nail residue remains on the surface.

I regularly whipe the surface with a damp cloth and some windowcleaner, then it is clean again for a while.

Obviously unacceptable that the product looks like that after it was installed by your dealer

It looks like sunscreen to me which out kids graciously applied to our car which has metalic laquering.

yes that will kill the paint… had a silver car and it looked dreadful

I’ve certainly noticed that! On my other Naim equipment, it took a bit of experimenting to find a duster that didn’t leave marks.

Great point on the sunscreen, @Ardbeg10y. That sounds like the most likely explanation for white finger prints and dulled paint.

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I’d be upset.

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