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I very recently purchased the Naim Nait XS3 and am very happy with the sound but there is one issue. When I connected my SVS SB3000 through the sub out, the volume is too low. I had to put the volume to max on my sub in order to even hear it. Anything below max and there is no audible sound that I can hear at my listening position. If I put my ear right in front of it then I can hear a bit. I used to have it at half volume at most with my previous amp (Unico Primo). Is this normal? Or is my unit faulty?

I have the same. Don’t think it’s because it’s faulty. But I’m curious too on what the remedy is to this issue.

Just a suggestion, if you’ve not already tried it; try a different lead, just to check it’s not a faulty one (happened to me). If not hopefully someone else can be more helpful :slight_smile:

I don’t think the lead is faulty either. Mine worked perfectly well with another amp. Just the xs3 through sub out seems to have this low volume pass through

I connected my Klipsch sw with my Naimuniti 2 by the line out.

I have the same issue with my current amp, Hegel Rōst. Did have this issue with UnitiQute or 272 in the past. It works but sub is turned all the way up.

Thank you for your replies, feeling better knowing that my unit isn’t faulty since this was the last one in stock at my local dealer and didn’t want to wait weeks for a replacement.

Did you have to max out or near max the volume on your sub?

I would expect that the control is just an attenuator to enable fine matching with a wide range of pre-amps, so I would expect it to be at max or pretty close to max volume with some pre-amps depending on their output level.

Hi iman79, as stated earlier I connected the sw to the line-out on the Naimuniti 2. A PS Audio video I saw on youtube recommended avoiding the dedicated sw out on the amp, but I dont remember why. The volume setting on the Klipsch is set at about 1/4 turn, ie very low. It needs only the smallest adjustment to raise or lower the volume. What has surprised me is how finding the optimum sw level in the mix varies wildly from one recording to the next: its too weak on some recordings and too strong on others, but a small gain adjustment on the Klipsch puts things right. For some reason, when using fm or dab the sw maxes out and is unplayable. I asked about this on the forum, but no response.

Thank you for the clarification sparrow15, unfortunately for me there is only a sub out on the XS3 the rest are all inputs. Yes I found the optimum sw level does definitely depend on the track.

Sounds like this is worth referring to Naim technical.

This is very strange. I have dual SVS 2000 Pros being fed from my SN2’s L/R Sub Out without issue at all. Granted, they are being daisy-chained from an AntiMode Dual Core 2.0 for bass management; but even before all of that it worked from go.
One thing that either you haven’t mentioned or perhaps I am interpreting incorrectly: is the SVS app somehow the issue here? Are you maxing volume in the app? Good Lord I cannot imagine that. I suppose I’d like to get a description of what you’re doing with regard to both your XS3 and/or SVS app.

Hi jsawyer, on my SVS app I have to put it to -3 to make it blend in with my Focal 907 Be without sounding bass anemic. With my previous integrated I was using it at -47 for the same level of output. At first I thought the sub out was broken on the XS3 as at -47 there was nothing at all.

Hi @iman79. So odd. Mine is set at -42 for both subs in the SVS app. On my SuperNait 2, the dial at 9:00 gets pretty loud, but not uncomfortably so. And you’re going straight from Sub Out on the XS3 to INPUT on the SVS, I assume? Are you using just one IC or utilizing two (L/R Out, L/R Input, which if I’m not mistaken are the bottom row inputs, including the LFE)? I’m racking my brain as to why this might be happening in your system. I’d try powering everything down, disconnect the cable(s) and start over; maybe re-install the SVS app, retaining the preferred settings first and see what happens. Wish I was more help.

@jsawyer09 You are correct, the bottom row for the L/R inputs include the LFE. I have it connected to both L/R, tried one, it was the same for me. I did also try disconnecting all cables, powering down both but I haven’t re-installed the SVS app. I will try that and see if anything changes. I did forget to mention the volume as well, I am playing flac files off my pc connected to my dac using usb. I tried 100% volume on my pc which forces me to put the dial at 7:00 on the XS3 or it gets too loud, then I tried 20% on the pc and putting the dial to 9:00 and higher, it is the same either way.

My XTZ sub does exactly the same on both a Nova, Supernait 3 and XS3.
The sub is barely hearable with the volume on max on the subwoofer.
Plugged into a node 2i to sub out it becomes insanely loud with that volume.

Solution: I am not using the sub anymore :disappointed:

Hmmm…if this is true, maybe a call into Naim tech support is, indeed, in order for the OP (and possibly yourself). In all honesty, I cannot ‘hear’ the subwoofers, even if I bend down and place my ear up to them; however, if I turn them off it is very obvious/apparent. I only mention that because I think I understand what is being said about the volume being too low or high within the thread, but I just can’t figure out why this would be so. Without knowing the particulars of interacting components and connections in both systems, the commonality here is the SUB OUT on the Naim Integrated(s)/all-in-one. I’m truly baffled. I’ll have to do some investigating within my own system to see if there’s anything I can come up with differently…

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