Xs3. V Supernait 3 Upgrade plans. Thoughts}

G’day Griot,

This may confuse things for you though I hope not to. My amplifier is an XS2 and if I had my time over again with what I know now I would have purchased an SN2 at the time. Though as a newb to Naim and only wanting a lovely sounding reliable amplifier and a price my dear wife would be happy with I chose the XS2.

Later down the track came the CD5 XS and an FCXS at the same time. I felt this system was now lagging and the upgrade path tempted me to go for separates which I have probably squeezed all the information from members on this forum. In the end, I had my Celestion SL6Si speakers refurbished. Gone is the aluminum dome tweeter replaced by a ribbon tweeter and out with the PVC woofer and replaced with a kevlar woofer. Again I squeezed all the information the patient members of this forum could provide and knowledgable comments were made. Though alas my wallet could not afford new speakers or any other upgrades even though I dreamt of such.

In conclusion, the money spent on the speaker’s refurbishment was the best money spent. I can now hear cymbals shimmer, and ring out which was not present on the dome aluminum tweeters. Did I hear any difference in the bass? I am not sure, though I am very happy with the refurbishment, new cross-over designs were engineered and implemented. The soundstage is beautiful and dynamic.

I am a bit of a technical guy and can become lost in the numbers of frequency responses and figures of this nature, headroom is another. Having crunched all the numbers and materials used I now sit back and enjoy the music. Upgrade paths are history. I am where I am at and very happy with what I could afford. My amplifier just barely meets the required headroom for 84dB speakers, I think it may even just fall short by a couple of decimal points of a watt. I am no longer bothered by that. It is what it is and is very enjoyable.

After peeking at your HIFI equipment list I see that you own pair of Focal Chora 826 speakers. Having never heard them I do see that they are made of modern elements and designs. If you can hear cymbals shimmer and tight dynamic music you may not have to go any further and be content with what you have. I also see that these speakers have received many awards for 2022. They are high in efficiency at 91dB SPL and would be no load for the XS3. My personal opinion would be to stay where you are. Though it is your wallet, money, and ears.

Possibly an ND5XS is the next item to purchase, which is what I am currently mulling over, though digital technology is not my forte as such with setting up digital networks.

Warm regards,


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I am enjoying reading all of your various and diverse views and it is certainly giving me food for thought. (Mitch your left field comments have also made me ponder) Just blown some of my budget on discogs, buying some vinyl!
Hoping to get a listening session in by the end of the month, so more thoughts and comments are welcome.

Dear Griot,

I have a few money budgeting issues that annoy my dear wife. eBay for Commodore C64 Games and Discogs plus a couple of local record shops here in Oz.

To release some equity in our assets to justify purchasing more vinyl I have sold my Harley then came the caravan, then next the home. The home sold the very next day after the caravan. We would have liked to have held onto the house, though that is that and we are moving on. It was not for enjoyment that we sold everything though for ability to live as I was injured at work and am unable to work again. The payout has been spent and now to downsize.

It is not sad thing as it does have its silver linnings as I can now refine my hobbies to spend more time on. Instead of being spread moree thinly out and spend more time with Shelley as she is also out of work, all is good. It is amazing how much you can live on when you have too.

New home purchased and yet to move in. The HIFI system will fit in the TV/Music Room which was once previously a pure music room in our old home. Well, that is all part of downsizing with a smaller home.

If I had separates on the Naim Frames the equipment would never have fitted in the room due to the size and height above ground level for the TV. So I find myself running my music system in an IKEA TV unit. Eight pigeon holes, 4 long x 2 high. The point is that none of my systems is an audiophile perfect system, Though it still sounds great! Though no doubt could be improved.

Even with the soon-to-be-released equity, our next expense will be to replace my wife’s 21-year-old car for safety and much-required update. We are looking for an EV SUV for entry and exit reasons in the car. There are more important things to spend money on than audio. Yes to all the audiophiles in this forum I will go and wash my mouth out, maybe with single malt whisky.

In conclusion, life is full of compromises and I have an audio system that I can justify to my dear Shelley, though I am not allowed new amplifiers or speakers. If I was going to do a system upgrade I would aim for the amplifier that contained a technology change such as the NA009 transistor and with this, you would be looking at the 250 DR as the next logical jump in technology amplification. I will leave more experienced users to state their views on what pre-amplifier to choose to go with this amplifier.

Though as stated, your Focal speakers are an easy load for the XS3 to drive and I would stay where you are be very happy with that. If you have the money by all means purchase bigger and better. Though I wonder how incrementally better some separtes or the SN3 will be over your fine XS3 which contains the latest upgraded power section for that series of amplifiers.

I once had speaker, amplifier, and pre-amplifier LUST (not saying you do) and once thought I had overspent on my Linn LP12 Akurate, though that has been put to rest by members on this forum.

I believe I read in an earlier post on this thread for you to have a look at your sources which I will leave to others. If you had more demanding speakers with lower efficiencies, then an SN3 or 250DR would be a viable option.

I wonder what digital source this group would recommend or not recommend, that could be a good leap into new technology and a less expensive way to obtain your music. It will certainly put a hold on purchased physical formats.

My two Bob’s worth that may be worth ignoring.

Warm regards,


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Dear Mitch,

Thank you for taking the time to post me a message. I am sorry to hear about your accident but pleased to hear that you are nonetheless enjoying life.

Thanks for your comments. Interestingly, whilst I have a Bluenode streamer via a Chord Qutest ( the Qutest is excellent), I sometimes think the Bluenode lacks a “fullness of sound” hence my still buying vinyl and cd’s, for my Rega and Audiolab cd transport. Maybe a naim streamer should be added to my listening visit.

Many thanks,



Dear Griot,

I would appeal to other members of this forum for their wisdom on this matter as I am yet to purchase a Naim streamer. Though yesterday I stumbled across a store online that has lowered the prices of both the NDX 2 and the ND5 XS 2.

The last time I witnessed a price drop was on the XS2 and the SN2. After a couple of months or maybe longer the XS3 and the SN3 were released. Possibly there is a new streamer coming out. This is pure speculation, though something in the middle of these two would be nice. Or are we to expect an NDX 3 and an ND5 XS 3?

I wonder what other forum members think. Please jump in here everyone.

The prices below are in Aussie dollars.

Warm regards,


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I have a xs2+hicap dr and wondering if I go for a SN3 or a nap 250
Does anybody has experience xs2+hicap+nap 250 ?

Thanks in advance

Could be due to FX movements - weak pound/cheaper to import.
Not aware of new network players being imminent but I’m not in the know :grinning:.
I do think there is a synergy between Naim source and amplification and accessories eg Hi-Line. Certainly appealed to me but everyone’s taste is unique.

You can do a search on SN + 250 and more than 50 threads are available. This topic along with SN + 282 will give you lots of reading material.

Both popular upgrade paths.

The new Naim distributer in Australia and New Zealand regularly runs promotions on Naim gear now it seems, but they have been pushing the streamers in various promotions for a few months now. The only change I’d think could be likely is a new look based on the launch of a new pre/streamer and associated power amps.

Hi Mitch

I’m thinking what’s happened is the new naim distributor ramped up retail prices quite significantly earlier in the year, but maybe had quite a stock holding and it’s been very difficult for them to offload stock at the higher prices (not such a good marketing strategy imo)

To receive the discounted price ( back to virtually the pre increase price) you have to trade in your current naim source such as CDP, streamer and nDAC

I can’t imagine new model streamers coming out for a number of years, I would think globally their current range of streamers have been pretty successful for naim and they have only been on the market for 4 years or so , so a very short cycle for a good naim product which usually go for up to 10 years


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Yes, there a 20% discount if trading in a source here too (not sure it’s only a Naim source). But that only gets you back to where the price was with the previous dealer. The Naim pricing here is really getting a bit out of step for most now I think.

I think only a naim source Mike but might be wrong there

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G’day, Members,

This is the reply from a Naim Dealer here in Melbourne with regards to the discount on the ND5 XS 2

Hi Paul,

Your Marantz will be fine as a trade-in for the ND5 XS 2, with or without the screws for the panels.

I have the beautiful Rosewood panels for this CD player though had to remove them from the CD player for it to fit into my IKEA TV Unit. I taped up the exposed areas to prevent dust ingress. I know I place the screws in a safe place and it is only a matter of finding that safe place. Though as it stands the deal is on any input device as I read it. At least my beautiful CD-85 meets the requirements.

Now to convince the wife.

I think Moses had more blessings than I in splitting The Sea of Reeds. You will have to read your Bible for this one.

Warm regards,


You better get chased by Pharao than Upgraditis, Mitch.

I have been in discussions with Cleopatra and she will agree to the purchase of an ND5 XS 2 for a sixtieth birthday present, her offer. Though her Highness does not understand why I wish to pay $4,600 for a black box I still have to take out a Qobuz subscription to use said black box.

I came here to post some titbits for Griot, now I find myself opening my wallet. If I wait long enough the special will go away. In all politeness “Bother” this forum for its temptations and good-minded intentions.

I have not mentioned cables as yet either. Power and interconnects :pray:

Warm regards,



I can say the interconnect that comes with the nd5xs2 is great so you can use that to help your persuasion.

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Everything is on hold. I realised we would obtain more value for money to complete the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) upgrade on our 4WD to tow the next caravan whenever that happens. We are currently limited to an extra 100 kg of load (the Tow Ball is 300kg) in the 4WD and require at least another 200kg upgrade to be road legal. The upgrade will cost a little over $5k AUD. Then fit the long-range fuel tank and purchase the caravan.

Happy wife, happy life.

Warm regards,


P.S. With my new iPhone 13 mini, I have been able to download from Apple quite a few songs. I will think of some more over the coming days. With this setup, I can Bluetooth the 4WD music center.

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Yebbut temptations were only forbidden when Moses climbed on mount Horeb and gave this world the first tablets ever. You are free to be tempted :slight_smile:

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