XS3 vs Nait 50 comparison?

Yes that’s the online video review mentioned earlier on above by @Porphyr .

Not sure if forum rules allow for pasted YouTube links though @Monkey_Jim .

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Post deleted! Thanks @daddycool. That Alpha Audio video recommended by @Porphyr is great and definitely highlights the fact even when there’s a hot new model in town that it’s always worth giving the alternatives a go too!

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Some Naim diehard friends of mine have heard the Nait 50 with ProAc D2/R’s.

A look no further combo.

When I’m ready to buy, I’ll look into the ProAc’s.


Makes a handsome match at a minimum! I like offset twitters.

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@Christopher_M - bit of a winding road on that one. got the 155, discovered a leak in our basement, had to move main system back to boxes and rip up floors in said basement. Moved 172 and 155 to the lounge with the KEFs and the UQ1 back to the office with the Neats.

That said, the 155 is an unbelievable upgrade from using the UQ for power. In the lounge, it’s got enough drive for the KEFs, much better dispersion and most importantly the grip on the lower end is massively better. Basic details like separation and sparkle are there as well. A classic case of having enough power on tap to make everything better.

I would love to hear that setup against an XS3 and ND5XS though - as well as a 152/155/ND5XS combo…Compareitis getting the better of me again.


Don’t, you’ll prefer the XS3, it’s a cracker, and with that the ND5-XS2 really likes the nDAC/DC1, which catapults it to NDX2 level, so better focus your mind on other things :wink:

Or, to do something very different since you don’t appear to be using the TT (there), listen to an Atom HE with the NAP200-DR you have in storage, again very different but may blow your mind.

But if I’m not mistaken you have two systems and are thinking about what a third could look like, balancing all that out would give me instant nervosia. I think I could only deal with one system and then a few MuSos elsewhere in the house. Like the Atom HE now discounted new and vfm.

Which in your case would enable selling off a NAC N-172, NAP155-XS, UQ1, Neat Iotas, NAC202, NDX, Sonos stuff as a nice spring cleaning :slight_smile: and saves on servicing the lot.

Always a pleasure to read your ideas here, do keep us posted!


3 systems actually if you consider the UQ1…Which I’m now thinking about swapping out for a UQ2 and adding a NAP100… :man_facepalming:

I need to stop the insanity.

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Not here. I owned a Nait XS. Then bought a NAC152XS and used the Nait as a power amp. Then bought a NAP155XS and sold the Nait.

All blind.

No regrets. Just a more grown up sound.

I replaced my XS2 and Stageline with a Nait 50.

The XS2 was well suited to my room and speakers (Kudos Cardera floor standers) and I would have likely traded it up for an XS3 had the 50 not come along.

The Nait 1 was my first amp and introduction to Naim. Trading it in (for what paid for it) years later against a Nait 5 cemented my commitment to the brand. So there was some nostalgia behind my purchase of the 50 - a dream amp for me really since I love the chrome bumper gear.

The XS2 has more power, slightly more grip and noticeably more bass. But the Nait 50 is delightfully musical. The built in phono stage is superior to the Stageline (I do very little headphone listening and was happy with the XS2 in that regard). The Kudos may not be an ideal match for the 50. I’ve always loved Harbeth and may try the 50 with C7s or Monitor 30s.

Where the 50 excels is with my wife - who finds it easier to manage with its simple layout.


Has anyone paired the Nait50’s with 30.2 XDs


Well I wouldn’t call it that, I enjoy reading your adventures because I’ve been bottom feeding in the Naim hierarchy myself and there are some great vfm and iconic products there to discover.

It’s just that in recent times the math doesn’t work out anymore for these. Now in the UK you have access to lower-priced gear and affordable service for non-digital devices, so it’s a bit different from here. But in both cases in my opinion it’s the differences between wanting a Naim collection, which is good enough a reason in itself, or wanting to build the best system(s) in today’s market, taking into account used prices and service rates (digital has to be sent to Naim).

So, when the displays have already been replaced and you have a wired network not wifi, the shoeboxes UQ2 / DAC-V1 / NAP100 are interesting enough to collect. So is the NAC-N172-XS with a power amp and possibly a small extra WiiM streamer for current needs, same goes for the ND5-XS original version. Indeed NAP155 and the NAP200 are excellent with the 172 and the V1. My system of XS3/ND5-XS2 with the added DC1/nDAC would likely also appeal to you.

But frankly today a used Atom or Nova with your Iotas would be much better. Same for the main system, a discounted new Atom HE with your NAP200 would also be much better vfm taking into account all the stuff you sell off and don’t have to service. Focussing on one classic system you could also go up two levels to NAC282/NAP200-DR (with its NAPSC and a Stageline for example), saving up for a source to do it justice. The possibilities these days seem endless, for comparable budgets.

So in conclusion, I would say do what is most fun for you of course, collecting as a goal on its own, or building systems, as long as that is clear to you. All in my opinion of course!

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Picked up a Nait 50 after a brief demo at my local Naim dealers. I wanted to test it properly at home, against my SuperUniti. Which I’ve had a
few years now, and use an Innuos Zen Mini3 as source with it. (And soon a TT as well)

Plugged this in and using the Zen’s internal DAC (for now)
First impression… Wow!!! So much more transparency and soundstage is much wider.
Voices especially are much clearer.

The only compromise is the lack of remote control, but for the SQ improvement. I can live without it.

Going to be sad to see the SU go. Don’t have the space to keep it, nor the funds. so will have to find it a new home.