Y/N Hum and AC conditioner

There is little low hum on my system and it stays no matter what, it is possible to hear if you get really close to speakers an it stays on same level when change volume…
Building is very old, over one century, so are electrical installations.
I’m wondering if it make sense to use AC conditioner, there is [ONEAC BBC 1500 on local used market and I’m scratching my head for a while.

You need to describe your whole system. However typically all Naim systems have a slight hum/hiss from their speakers. If its a buzz that changes with volume, then it’s possibly an earth issues related to your connected devices. The chat about Hum on this Forum that is sometimes resolved by conditioners, relates to Hum from the Black Naim box itself, rather than the speaker.

GadgetMan thanks for reply, hum/hiss as you described comes from beautiful original Nait. It’s the same in intensity all way as volume changes. On my other Nait 5 system i don’t have that, also what made me thinking about conditioner is safety from electrical shock…

Sorry, I’m a bit confused. Is the Hum from the speakers, or from the Nait box?

Oh sorry, hum is coming from speakers. Just read thread about hum/hiss, seems like soun im hearing from my speakers

OK, then that very much sound like the noise you get from all Naim kit. I don’t know the Nait range, so perhaps someone else might respond, but I think you can stop the hum by selecting mute if it annoys you.

Its a design thing - basically by accepting something you can’t hardly hear, means your Naim gear is better when played - a sort of pay off.

Is it a low-frequency hum or more like a hiss, like white noise?

It is low frequency but if turned all way up little white noise shows…

Well I don’t know the Nait, but the modern gear’s hiss is more mid-high freq. With my 252 I can hear it only with the ear close to the mid driver and tweeter, and nothing noticeable from the woofers

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What is your whole system?

Everything connected to the amplifier - including any TV and other stuff.

My Nait 1 (serviced back in 2017 by Naim) has a very low level 100Hz ‘buzz’ and the normal Naim hiss, both are only audible with your ear right up against the speaker. This is when used with an NDX2 (standard Lavender DIN interconnect, Signal ground set at float as the Nait connects signal ground and mains earth internally) as the only source.
As I understand it, it’s just a particular characteristic of this little amp and doesn’t cause issues when listening to music.

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Adam hi, I have DAC and phono preamp, over rca to din mogami 2947, but when i disconect these peripherals it has same hum hiss. As James_N mention, just same as he described. Seems to be normal Nait 1 hum/his thing.

Arent we lucky ones to have this little gem :slight_smile: !

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Any opninion about power conditiners, for or against?

Indeed. A classic :+1:

I’ve not seen this one mentioned on this forum before, however you will generally get varied responses on conditioners. Naim say don’t touch them, some people swear by them, others found it reduces SQ. In the end, the best suggestion is try before you buy

No commercial links in the HiFi corner please.

Re. Conditioners, I’ve heard a number of them, some of huge cost, and all had an impact on performance that I didn’t like - removing a sense of life and engagement from the music. They can do these even when just plugged in to the same mains but without the equipment directly plugged in to the device. I am ever hopeful though…

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Have you ever heard the Torus type conditioners?

No I haven’t. Obviously I have not heard all. However we used to get in many of the top ones to listen at the factory, ones recommended by dealers, customers, reviewers. We also got in some very costly ones for scientific instruments that had been recommended. One conditioner, which had been rave reviewed by a couple of high end HiFi mags almost ruined a music evening I was hosting at a dealer in Sweden. I couldn’t understand why everything was a bit flat and failing to come to life. I thought I’d removed and unplugged everything in the room. However, I’d missed what I’d mistaken for a big power amp that was tucked away and still plugged into the mains. I unplugged it and the system was totally transformed and the music came to life. A wonderful evening!

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Out of interest Richard, have you ever tried a main regenerator. On paper they seem ideal, but as you say, paper may not be worth what’s written on it.