Y/N Hum and AC conditioner

Yes. I also discussed main regenerators with Roy some years ago over lunch. IIRC, he reckoned this was theoretically likely to be the most promising way to go in order to preserve performance while really cleaning up the mains. Unfortunately he also reckoned that it would probably need to be very large - like the size of house or possibly larger. Your own private regenerative power station.

There’s always a snag :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Oh sorry, mist it might be commertial source, just wanted to show specifications…

Don’t know if it helps, but I use a PS Audio Power Regenerator for my Supernait 2. It’s plugged into one of the REGEN outlets (though it could be ‘switched’ so that it is fed by high-current instead) and I have preached its benefits for some time. While I typically ascribe to the mantra of no power conditioners with Naim gear, I am in quite the opposite camp with a regenerator or even an isolation transformer (think one of the older Topaz units). I utilize both of these in my main system/dedicated listening room and the noise floor, coupled with the dynamics these bring, is simply spectacular.

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