Y splitter for Naim Nova

Can anybody recommend the above as will be using an SVS sub so need to get both pre outs to a single lead. Don’t want to harm the Nova but also don’t want to have to take a mortgage out to buy one.

Thanks Mike.

Does your sub have this?
Much better to run off the speaker terminals (there was a thread here recently where someone’s nova ran v hot with a sub).

No SVS sub does not have the high level input.


Is this an older SVS model? The few I’ve seen all have a 2 channel low level input as well as the optional single channel LFE input. (They also had high level inputs which I would probably use if available)

No it’s the new 2000 Pro

OK, so no high level input but there’s a 2 channel low level input so you don’t need a splitter?

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Well I do as I planned to use it for movies and music so one input for av amp other for Nova.

I got one of these from Amazon. (For an Atom into Kef T2). Works fine

KabelDirekt – 2m – RCA/phono Y cable,

OK and that works fine?. will have to return the single lead I ordered and get one of those. I asumme it 2 plugs into one single.


Yes. Had it for well over a year and had no problems at all.

Think it was only about a tenner, so not the most expensive of experiments. And Amazon good at returns too. So worth a go

And yes. 2 plugs one end, and one plug at the other

Thanks for that much appreciated luckily managed to cancel the single lead before they delivered it so will order the 5mt one as need around 4 mtrs it’s only £13 ish so not to bad. How did you get on setting it up as I only have one place I can put the sub.

That might turn out to be a problem if it does not work in this place, in your room. Or you might get lucky, but given the delicate interaction with room modes, it’s more likely that you are not this lucky

Just did the basic set up. So turn it down til you can only just hear it when playing music , then turn it down a smidgeon more so that it adds depth to the sound without really being noticeable. Seems to work that way fine for music, might need a bit more volume for films ?

OK that’s great thank you was going to use the presets so hopefully once set up can just select the right preset.

According to the SVS sub matching tool on their website, which also provides recommended settings for your Harbeths, they state low pass filter should be 80Hz (the Harbeths go down to 75) and the filter slope at 12 db/octave. I wouldn’t use the pre-sets for music… but you may find them useful.

Sorry should of explained what I meant I believe you can get all the settings right then save it as a preset if that makes more sense.


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I find presets on a sub very useful - I use one for regular listening, one with a higher gain and crossover point mainly for party music, and sometimes I prefer it switched off altogether. I guess you would want a different one for AV use too.

Gotcha. Custom presets.

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