Yamaha WXAD10 Wireless and Naim uniti2

I still enjoy my Naim Uniti 2 and did not upgrade yet to the star or Nova, I do stream Qobuz music from my iPhone to Chromecast audio which connects to the Uniti 2 digital input, My speakers are B&W 805D
the sound is great. Recently I got to understand that Chromecast audio can only stream up to 24/48 and I came across Yamaha WXAD10 Wireless Streaming Adapter which seems to stream up to 24/192
My question is if I use the Yamaha WXAD10 Wireless Streaming Adapter would I lose Naim DAC capabilities’ as the output from Yamaha WXAD10 seems to be RCA cables or via 3.5m Jack ( seems all analogue output!)
Many thanks

The Yamaha has, as you say, no digital out, which is a shame. You could use a WXC-50, which has optical out. Unfortunately it costs a bit more, as it has a built in preamp which you don’t need. It does work very well though.
If you want to stream 24/192, I would consider a wired solution (which the Yamaha units do have) as it might be too much to expect over WiFi.

Thank you so much ChrisSU, this is brilliant and I found it on Amazon for less than advertised price

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Hope it works for you. If you want to use it with hi-res streams, you should remember that optical cables officially only support up to 24/96, although 24/192 does sometimes work. Better to use the coax connection instead.

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Another excellent point , many thanks

So I got the Yamaha WXC-50 today connected to Naim unity 2 as follows
Chord C coaxial cable from coaxial output on Yamaha to Naim coaxial input
Yamaha is set to pre-Amp not player , not sure which setting it should be on?
I use the Qobuz from within Music Cast app on iPhone but it dosen’t seem to control volume from music cast app and I have to control volume from Naim App, Not ideal!
in my curent setup Have I successfully preserved and used Naim DAC or am I using the Yamaha DAC which is much inferior to Naim
Many thanks

Hi, I’m not sure if it makes any difference which way the Yamaha is set - if anything, it should be player, not preamp, but you seem to be getting sound with it set to preamp? With the digital connection, you cannot be using the Yamaha preamp. You therefore cannot use its volume control, as that’s part of the preamp, so you will need to use the Uniti volume control.
With a digital connection, you must be using the Uniti DAC, not the Yamaha. If you really want the Yamaha to control volume, you would need to use an analogue connection, which may not sound as good.

perfect, I’ll switch to Player setting and see what happens then
Many thanks

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