Yes! lp

Today I am 70, so I listen to my favorit group Yes.
The LP Fragile is spinning. Sounds very good through my SN3. There is something special with vinyl.


I was playing that LP yesterday. Fantastic record.


Happy birthday. Fragile sounds very special streamed from my store of digital files too!

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One of my absolute summer vacation listens…just back from Lanzarote and Fragile played around the pool on my music player.

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Not listened to that for ages, not that familiar with it either but have it on SACD somewhere.

Sounds pretty good in hi-re streaming from Qobuz in the office!

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Shall I count thee, the number of instances of Roundabout I have on my various formats (original 1971 LP, CDs (twice), bootlegs, digital files)? :grinning:

Thirty Three! :laughing:

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