Yet another connection question, 282/Stageline/Hicaps


I’ve trawled through the forums, manuals and faq’s and am really not clear about what exactly connects to what.
If I have a NAC282 a Stageline and two Hicaps (one of which is for the Stageline) how exactly do I connect them all? And I mean which sockets do I use and with what cables? I haven’t got the aforementioned yet but want to make sure I know what I’m doing when I have.

It is much simpler with my nac102/nap180 combo and no power supplies…

Thanks in advance,

Stageline output socket 2 to Hicap socket 4 using a SNAIC5

Hicap socket 3 to 282 socket Aux2 in via a 4-5 pin interconnect.

282 socket upgrade 1 (remove link plug) to second Hicap socket 4 via a SNAIC5. Second Hicap socket 3 to power amp via a SNAIC4.

That should do it :slightly_smiling_face:


Great, that’s exactly the info I need.

Thx very much.

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