Yet another stacking order query

I have the opportunity this weekend to re-organize my stacks.
I have 2 Fraim stacks with 3 shelves each.
Brains on left brawn on right.
I have on the left from top
300 head unit
On the right stack from top:
552 PS
300 PS
the 300 Burndies are currently along the carpeted floor. All others suspended.
I recall Peter @Cymbiosis had specific recommendations.
Whats the consensus ?

@jsaudio lovely system, thats the order I would go for

Try and get the burndies off the floor if you can. It will make a difference. You can swap power supplies around to achieve this.

Try the 300PS on top - this ensures that the 300 Burndies are off the floor.

I have the 552 on top with the 552PS on the bottom; again to try to get the cables off the floor.

Thanks to all for the advice. I will let you know how it turns out

Rearranged as suggested with
552 300PS
ND555 552PS
300 555PS

Will have to listen tonight however now the ND555 Burndies are along the carpeted floor and only one of the 300 Burndies is off the floor. The prior set-up had the ND Burndies fully off the floor. Lets see if I hear a difference. I suspect I will nee blank shelves on the bottom to get everything suspended unless there are other ideas.

Swap the 555ps with the 552ps. That is how I have mine set up (albeit NDS not ND555).

Get some medium legs to create better spacing. I am surprised your 300 is not clear of the carpet in that position.

Yes at least one level of medium will help get the Burndies off the floor. If you have standard levels all through it will be difficult in any configuration.

I have mine like this:

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I already have 2 medium legs
I’m not sure swapping the 552PS and the 555PS will do it but can try.
May need to get 2 additional medium shelves?

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2 additional medium shelves would be perfect as you can then leave the bottoms empty which I found helped the 300DR quite a lot.

With the shelving you have it will be possible; I’ve done it with the same. If you can get two additional medium shelves then even better although it shouldn’t be necessary.

Getting Burndies off the floor. Can this be done by putting pipe insulation, foam, around them so they are not actually on the foor? Or how do you do this?

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