Yorkshire Puddings with Christmas Lunch/Dinner?

A bit of fun… In my parents house, we always had Yorkshire Puddings with the Christmas roast. However by wife says No WAY!

What does everyone else think?

Yorkshire Puddings with Christmas Lunch/Dinner
  • Yes - Yorkshire Puddings with Christmas Meal
  • No - Sacrilege… Should never be with a Christmas Lunch

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btw… my vote is Yes. However SWMBO says I’m a philistine 'cause I also have HP Sauce on the plate :wink:


Let’s see how close this survey gets to the same question Yougov posted yesterday, this morning 77% of the Yougov vote say it’s acceptable. Its a definite no from me on the HP sauce :nauseated_face:

Depends on whats being roasted.

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Sorry but Yorkies can only go with roast beef and HP sauce has no business being on a roast. I was brung up proper


Not voting as whilst I wouldn’t choose Yorkshire Puddings for Xmas dinner it wouldn’t offend me if served (as long as they’re good ones!)

Yorkshire pudding was originally a budget thing from poorer households, the purpose being to fill people up with a low cost ingredient enabling a much smaller amount of the costly ingredients.

On that basis it could be argued as not fitting the modern concept of Xmas dinner being a lavish banquet.

On the other hand it probably better fits the original Christian concept than does a lavish banquet - use Yorkshire Pudding to fill people up, buy only small amounts of meat and veg - and give the money you would otherwise have spent on a lavish banquet to the poor.

Or from a different angle, maybe many more are poor this year, so tge original purpose applies.

Then of course some people just love Yorkshire pudding (especially with superb gravy)…

But the thread title is wrong - Christmas Pudding is quite different from Yorkshire Pudding: maybe edit the title? (or ask Richard to if you can’t)

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Not “Sacrilege” so much as how do you fit it in with all the other stuff. I would definitely explode with YP’s as well!!
Must admit, the “Christmas Pudding…” title threw me a bit🤷🏻‍♂️

Might want to change the title of this as it completely confused me !!!

It’s just one day of the year and Yorkshire pudding doesn’t go on this day.

Confused me as well! I’m sure it started as Yorkshire Puddings :wink:

I used to travel with my job and stayed in many UK locations one being between Leeds/Bradford one of the pubs that I used to eat in had a 6 or 8 inch Yorkshire pudding for a starter filled with a rich onion gravy bloody lovely.


YP should be included with every roast meal, beef or otherwise. If you roast the turkey, bang a YP on the plate.

As a helpful hint, if you have any left over, they are good for desert with butter and sugar on.

Now, cheese with Christmas cake anyone?


Now, cheese with Christmas cake anyone?

Absolutely, preferably Wensleydale, although Lancashire or Caerphilly are acceptable.

I do however draw the line at my late Uncle Fred’s tradition of fried Christmas cake sandwich for Boxing Day breakfast.


Both options would be equally acceptable to my veggie mind if I was to eat a veggie version of a traditional British Xmas meal. I won’t be though, likely to make a homemade pizza and Yorkshire pud and pizza is not really a combination that appeals to me.

Yorkshire puddings with Christmas lunch would be a relationship ending move in our household :rofl:
Absolutely no!!!


What I can’t understand though is why not?

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That’s a hideous concoction… :nauseated_face: :rofl:


No room on our Xmas plates for anything else…however YPuds with Christmas dinner whilst tempting is a def no no :-1:

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I know- it’s completely irrational. So the only answer I can give is “because” ….!

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Nay, nay, and thrice, nay.

Christmas dinner is a once a year special occasion, and is not covered by “every roast meal”.

Let’s face it, for the rest of the year, if tha’s proper Yorkshire, then your Yorkie doesn’t even make it onto your roast dinner plate, but is served separately beforehand, with gurraaaavy, sithee.

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