You bought a NAIT 50. Do you really need it?

  • Yes. I’m down sizing from too many boxes or I’m moving up from an all-in-one
  • No. But I fit it in somehow, even if it kills me!

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No one needs a nait 50 if a rega io can do the same thing functionally. And you can buy several io for the same £.
But the nait 50 isnt an integrated amp.
It’s an artefact celebrating Naim Audio reaching 50.


I’d call that a ‘No’. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a universal no; applies to all 1973 of them. But that’s not the point. I didnt even consider an io. And I already had a unitiqute/dac v1/nap 100. Two of which are now wrapped up in bubble wrap. No, i didnt need it. But it is better.

I think it’s a great idea and I’m thinking of downsizing both home and hifi, but would be seeking greater functionality.

Once you’ve seen and heard a NAIT 50 you’ll want one. There’s no going back.


I am not sure anyone needs any Naim products. Many want them and most here will have handed large to enormous amounts of money to someone or some business to fulfil that strong desire to have a luxury audio product.


Salesman talking…

There are many things in life that we hear, touch, smell, experience and appreciate that we walk away from. There is always going back.


Well, the Nait and the other entry level oroducts are the only stuff we actually need. No one “need” a 252 to play music

Fair point :+1: you’re right and please accept my apology.


This is an interesting thread. It’s struck me how many people are buying them for occasional second systems or merely a trinket, recalling lost days of their youth, 40 years ago. It seems a shame that such a lovely thing isn’t used every single day. I recall a conversation with a former MD of Naim about the Statement, where a good few aren’t bought by fanatical music lovers, rather by rich people who want it because it’s expensive.

The Nait 50 has some similarities; rather than being bought by young people as an entry into the world of high quality music at home, they are being bought by old people to remind them of past glories. If it makes people happy then that’s good of course, but it seems a bit sad.


:+1: however (as you know), when you have listened to a Nait 50 (or even seen one), it is very difficult not to want one… :smiley:

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Absolute tosh, the Nait 50 is a brilliant little amp in its’ own right…have you heard one


Well that’s really the whole point. It may be a “brilliant little amp in its own right”, but that is probably not the driver for sales. I get mine on Monday, and I certainly hope it’s brilliant, but I bought it because I lusted after something like this in the ‘70s when I didn’t have the spare cash. (Very sad :wink:). It will go in my second (but much used) system and replace a perfectly good Atom.

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@anon17748768 I think your extract misses the point, its a great amp but some of them seem to be heading for museums.

I think some/poss many things we own are not used every single day, that doesn’t make them any less important/desirable/useful/wanted/enjoyable/fun…


I recently sold a CDS2/52/135 system to step up the ladder and build a system around a pair of ACT SCM50A speakers but thinking long and hard about the need for such an extravagance made me question the logic

Today I bought a NAIT50, and look forward to putting it in front of a pair of mk1 Linn Kans, I’ll use it every single day from here on in and though the front end may change over time I like to think the Nait and kans have a long future ahead of them

I don’t “need” the NAIT, per se, but I do need an amplifier to power my system and on that basis I look forward to hearing what it can do for a while to come




True, very true, I have one, and now just praying for a streamer to match.
Will not turn back