You guys post the link. Thanks

I need to reset my nova quick. Is it the middle two

Press the Play/ Pause and Input buttons on the front panel while powering up the Uniti Nova. Continue to hold for 5 seconds. Release the Play/ Pause and Input buttons. Wait for the Uniti Nova to complete the factory reset …

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Yeahhhhhh. 5 minutes before Otis Redding live at Monterrey Pop started…30 minute program…fiiiiiirst time the Nova screwed up, the audio out of synch. I’ve done it twice a week with the Atom for 3 months, but as an OCD maniac…I wanted to be sure…I ended up doing it without confirmation. I knew but it would have been nice to be sure. I couldn’t believe a Nova reset search here didn’t give a quick answer. It’s here now! Lol…I saw 30 seconds of Otis’ last song…

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I would always try a power off restart before I tried a reset of a Nova. Probably twice in fact.

I did…twice…both times it did re-set…and then after a minute or so the sound mutes, and blip…it’s out of synch again. Now, after the hard re-set, it’s fine again. I must say, I’m disappointed. I Hoped (I know without merit as they are both the same system) that the double price of the Nova would leave that hassle behind.

Keep the faith. Naim have been working on this and we can expect something soon….



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