You may find this interesting πŸ™€

I came across this short video of how big this universe really is and you may find it interesting:

We may be small but we’re still significant :relaxed:


Hell of a lens on that camera. I’m guessing not an iPhone…

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I’m not sure whether a satellite in orbit can actually capture that level of detail and it may be a simulated animation piecing together various images at differing depths i.e. the footage of the woman lying down was possibly captured by a drone :relaxed:

Satori, you have an Atalanta butterfly on your profile photo. I see them all day in my hedge preparing for the big flight.

One of the most remarkable animals I know.

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Their numbers (butterflies/moths in general) are in decline here in the UK but the three Buddleia in my garden are always swarmed :butterfly:

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I don’t know too much about butterflies but I have the impression that they are actually territorial and follow the same habits. There is one checking out the same plants during the day. It’s just a big standard Ivy which seems to attract them. Many wild bees around too.

From my understanding some butterflies are territorial :relaxed:

It’s a series of separate images put together to seem smooth.

It’s an updated version of a classic teaching video (and book) from the late 1970s, called Powers of Ten. The original is on YouTube and worth watching.


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What I always try and remember when looking up at the sky and seeing some of these things is how you look back in time.

Technically the further thing you can see with the naked eye is the Andromeda Galaxy. It is 2.4 million light years away. Meaning the light hitting our retinas left 2.4 million years ago.

It is always a concept that always brings a smile to my face.

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Thank you for your knowledge :relaxed:

This is a time lapse video of orthodontics in motion. There is hope for everyone :relaxed:

Hubble snaps images of two galaxies that are merging to become one. Apparently our galaxy (The Milky Way) is also on a collision course with Andromeda in a few billions years :exploding_head:

Snoop Dogg invites Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over for Thanksgiving. Respect, I’ll light up one in their honour :boom:

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Something is puzzling me.

If dark matter really exists, why doesn’t it obscure the view of something 100 million light years away? :thinking:

It depends upon one’s perception of dark matter because some waves/particles pass through matter without interacting (which is why light serves as a historical record of past events: the cosmos as we see it). You may like to read the article that proposes an experiment in a disused gold mind in Australia which is trying to prove the existence of dark matter :relaxed:

Talking of potatoes, I had a mini rant at the TV last night watching Countryfile.
It appears that due to climate change the potato is struggling around the world to grow properly and the crop this year will be significantly reduced (a fair enough comment).
What triggered the rant was that the farmer upon whose land they were illustrating the issue will have to throw away / or not even harvest much of his crop because a potato has to be >=65mm in order to be accepted for the prepacked market ARGH
why not just changed the specification.

And breathe


Stradivari violins are overrated :slight_smile: . I suggest to check out a good organ from 1700 or so.

Nobody pays attention to these gems somehow.



Talking more of potatoes I was in Waitrose the other day and saw a pack of 4 baking potatoes for Β£1.

Now I may not be the sharpest knife in the draw but I quickly worked out each potato was 25p then further thought resulted in - that’s 5 shillings in old money!

5 shillings for a single spud - you’re having a laugh.


And people still think we are alone ???