Your favourite (imaginary) Naim 2-box and 3-box system

As smaller systems gain more and more popularity, and one-box solutions are not always wanted because of the concern that some part may fail or become obsolete, it would be interesting to know what a smaller (imaginary) Naim system could look like.

The idea is to list combinations which are not designed an manufactured by Naim.

A small system can consist of 2 or 3 boxes. It can be half-sized, modular, active, passive…whatever you imagine your small dream system could look like. Cost no object of course, but you could add in which product line you wish these products to be placed in.

Let’s have a bit of fun!

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Here is an example for a 3 box system:

  • Streaming integrated amplifier with interchangeable streaming module
  • CD Transport with Roon Core Server
  • Combined Power Supply for connecting these 2 devices.

I’d like to hear Vertere SG TT with Naim 552 and ATC Actives.

A Statement level 272 would give three boxes (if you ignore the fact that each Statement box is actually 2), giving you 3 rather large floor standing boxes.

And if you want to go active you would only have one box and active speakers.

For me that would be a three box system, ideally at least two of the three half size:

  • A streamer transport with screen
  • A pre-amp / DAC combo
  • A power amp
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Oh can I add that I’d love to see some VU meters :slight_smile:

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Hmmm… a 272 replacement and a 250. (Hope springs eternal!)

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A streaming Preamp at 555 level
Two monoblock 500 power amps

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A full Statement system ( the 2 mono blocks and the pre) I’ll figure out the rest later! LOL


Three box - the emphasis being on system which includes sources
NAT 02
Supernait 3

Two box - very modest , one amp , one source -back to Olive
Nait 3


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Classic line pre with DAC and DSP on board.

Bundled microphone. With DIN lead, of course.

Corrects digital inputs for gross room and speaker response effects.

If you want to go nuts, make it have separate LF and HF sections, with a matching power amp having separate in/out for a mini active system. You can add a streamer section to the pre if you want a “full” system.

Or, add the XS3/SN3 phono boards to the uniti line, do a “budget” Solstice…

These are all devices you could buy, the idea is to imagine something Naim isn’t doing or hasn’t done.

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That could be nice :slight_smile:

Oh , very simple

A single digital source for streaming and CD

Or a CD transport

both into a digital (non streaming) amp


Another might be a single box, streaming pre-amp (with MM) and dual mono outputs. The power section in dual mono, half size boxes. Say 80 watts per channel.

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How about a single box “Uniti-Satement”. $100,000.00 all-in-one. Sign me up!

Three boxes? I’m at eight right now.

Integrated amplifier
Network streamer (Roon certified)

Solstice and a supernait for the three box.
The turntable itself isn’t a box so doesn’t count towards the total, it’s too solid for that. An LP12 is a box but not the Solstice, Well Tempereds, Townshend Rock or even the Regas, though they’re not exactly solid these days.
You might need to use panel speakers though or you’ll be adding two more boxes.

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You need to buy it before Dec 6, because it costs 25k more after it.


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