Your favourite Tone Poet and BN80

The old Tone Poet thread is closed so I thought I would start this one. I have collected a number of Tone Poet and Bluenote 80 issues and I have thoroughly enjoyed almost all I have. I am just playing Chick Corea’s “Now He Sings, Now He Sobs“ which I think is my favourite. Which are your favourite?

I like the new Grant Green ‘Born to be Blue’. Kenny Burrel ‘Introducing’ is good, but I think the fact that it is mono holds it back from being my favourite.

Listening to Dexter Gordon Clubhouse… perfect.

This one is scheduled for a June release…great album!!!



Second that. Also the BN80 doin’ alright, is great too.

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Will take a look.

I really like Hustlin’ by Stanley Turrentine too, from the Tone Poet releases.

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