Your LED floor lamps (including DIY)

Inspired by the recent lamp section on System Pics, I thought I would start an LED floor lamp thread.

All of mine are DIY creations which, I would like to think, have shown ‘progession’ in design and assembly, over time.

Project 1: a 2+ metre tall solid oak lamp with channeling and diffuser for the strip. Generally pleased but if I were to do it again, I would put LED strips both sides.


Project 2: a 1 metre tall corner LED lamp I made for my parents. Again, solid oak with a diffuser but this time LEDs both sides and a little LED section in the top neatened up with black leather.

I think this one definitely included some design improvements over the last one.


Project 3: a bit more adventurous. A pine ‘core’ with double sided LEDs strips and solid oak front and rear sections. This one has a remote control and lots of different ‘modes’. It was built to help our son with his piano playing.


Finally (so far :slightly_smiling_face:) project 4. Not a floor lamp but a DIY wine and glasses rack for our kitchen that incorporates LED lighting. This was a fairly big project built with a pine wine rack (a lot of sawing) put inside an MDF cabinet (good practice for future speaker building) and with a solid oak frontage piece and LED accent lighting inside the front ‘lip’.


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