Your Music Finds Of The Week

Very simple really. You will know what a thrill it is to find an artist or an album new to you that you really like. Well here is a space to share such finds with other forumites.

Your finds could be an obscure artist or even a relatively popular album that has simply passed you by. You may have even discovered your new find here in the Music Room, I know I have found many here.

As I have been sampling a lot of unfamiliar music today, I will go first with the following post.

Courtney Marie Andrews - Old Flowers

Lovely voice, wonderful songs, very captivating. Where has this girl been hiding?


Question is where have you been hiding. Some us here are well ahead of you on this one. You’ve got a bit of catching up. :sunglasses:

And I remember seeing ‘Honest Life’ posted on here in the past but I did not think to sample it. The trouble is there are so many posts on the ‘What Are You Listening To…’ thread, great albums can pass you by!

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Never heard of her, a good tip. Just having a listen on amazon prime, good voice!

My humble suggestion is to buy the whole lot but a stand out for me is her album ‘May Your Kindness Remain’ produced by Mark Howard whose worked with Lucinda Williams, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and Emmylou Harris.

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2 Waterboy albums, Where The Action Is (released a few years ago) and their new album, Good Luck, Seeker. Both wonderful albums.

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