Your Roon DSP settings

There will have been threads on the older forum platform, but thought it might be worth a discussion specifically regarding Naim devices, and even then I suspect there’ll be a variety of opinions!

Qobuz integration with Roon is a game changer for me and the Roon app is quite likely to be my preferred control app (iOS devices).

I finally have gapless streaming working without needing to host local copies or use Airplay which is limited to CD quality.

As for Roon DSP settings:

  • I remember someone saying that converting to DSD was a night and day difference for them
  • wasn’t entirely convinced before and perhaps wanted little DSP preferring the Nova doing it and had disabled DSP options

Playing a Who album this evening I played with enabling DSD on the mobile app and flicked back and forth whilst listening, and converting to DSD seemed a lot more enjoyable - softer and warmer, easier to listen to in essence. Must try other albums and conversion types, but it’d be interesting to hear what others do on Roon capable equipment.

While I mentioned discussing Naim equipment specifically I’m now intrigued to compare the Nova to my Oppo 205.

I used to upsample everything to dsd128 for a while using clans 7th order, precise minimum phase filter. It felt dare I say more analogue and I liked it for more acoustic based stuff, but then I found I kept turning it off for others and eventually just turned it off. Now I’ve got new speakers I might give it another wizz to see if it sounds any different.

Same here. Flirted with dsp but find native more enjoyable with my nova

I went back to DSD128 upsampling last night and it did sound a little richer with the new speakers. Likely just bias of using the switch but will stick with it for a few days then revert to see if I notice a difference. Using precise and linear phase this time.

The more analogue sound was my feeling with the DSD 64 option I got on the iOS app.

You have a Nova right? You should be able to try upto dsd128

Yes, you’re quite right.

I could have sworn I’d selected DSD64 on the iOS Roon app last night but can’t see that option now.

Probably user error or maybe took a default DSD setting in the DSP settings!

I have to say tonight my Atom is sounding the best it ever has. Whether this the upsampking or my new speakers are finally breaking in, I don’t know but it’s putting a smile on my face.

Nice topic!
Just now start testing ROON (Q&T as well)
Willm play around with the DSD128 upsampling.
First glance: smooth, less etchy

I just started using Roon on a Mac Mini with a 1 TB SSD and my ND5-XS. I moved all my audio files off a NAS onto the SSD. I was wondering if there are recommended DSP settings to use.

I might try playing around with it.

DSP is an individual preference not something you can recommend really. Some use some parametric filters to control eq, some use full convolution for room correction, none of which is worth playing with unless you really know your onions as you could cause more harm than good to your sq. A lot of people however to use the DSP upsampler but benefits from this are generally DAC dependant, Ive played around with it but always end up turning it off as Naim DAC’s don’t really benefit that much for it. Some do prefer to upsample everything to DSD if the DAC supports it as it can give a more analogue sound. I was using this but went back to normal.

I use DSP only for my bedroom speaker to make the output mono as I built it as wireless speaker Roon endpoint with a raspberry pi/ HifiBerry amp hat and a QAcoustics centre speaker. Sounds great and cost very little to out together.

I have turned on the DSD upsampler and will see how it is. That was really the setting I was curious about. I am streaming over ethernet to a SqueezeBox Touch used as the bridge to my ND5-XS.

Squeezebox Touch does not support native DSD so that’s not worth it as it will only go out max 192/24 as DoP if you have the EDO plugin for the touch.

Right, but it will end up being a temporary bridge anyway. I’m just at the point of playing around with it so far. I only installed it all two days ago. My NAS was unstable so I copied all the files over to the Mac Mini SSD (that took about 18 hours), so I have really only just started to experiment, etc.

Sure play around and find what works best. Used to have a touch myself until I accidentally plugged the wrong PSU in to it when moving things about. Great little streamer for the price.

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