Your Top 20 Favourite Albums


It’s hardly a matter for moderators - it’s a discussion, you can all work it out for yourselves.

Ironically, I am forum moderator and I chose 21 favourite albums because it would appear that I cannot count very well.


Richard that puts you on the blacklist… I guess it’s time for intruducing other badges for people who didn’t answer the question or needed moderation…



To demonstrate discipline and hopefully get a flexible badge I have honed my 20 artist list to just 20 albums from my 10k plus album collection…

Bruce Springsteen
The River
The Wild, The Innocent and The E St Shuffle

Elvis Costello
Imperial Bedroom
Painted From Memory

Miles Davis:Jack Johnson

John Hiatt Bring the Family

Little Steven Men Without Women

Bob Dylan; Blonde on Blonde

Beatles: Please Please Me

Tom Petty: Anthology

David Bowie: Black-star

Tom Waits; Asylum Years

Ryan Adams; New York New York

John Coltrane / Johnny Hartmam

John Grant Queen of Denmark

Johnny Cash American Recordings Boxset

Josh Rouse ; 1972

The Bathers Kelvingrove Baby

Van Morrison; Moondance

Wilco; Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Oh that was a painful process…


Josh Rouse 1972 and The Bathers Kelvingrove Baby - great call.


Such a great album. I rather overplayed it though back in the day and often used it for Naim upgrade comparison demos, which mean’t that for a while I couldn’t listen to it anymore. However, I recently came back to it and could listen to it afresh and it was like regaining the acquaintance of a much loved old friend.


That’s 21. Who’s the artist? The Smiths? :joy:



With this post I will still stay within the rules with showing nine albums in total, while I belief I will bend the rules in the future…, targeting for the naughty boy badge…this has to be in the list. This is for me the definition of live hard rock…


This is in principle the new Miles Davis, while his last year was not so promising…upload://lMvHiy3SUn37xILyUosNniCr3Kz.jpeg)

I am a real fan of Nigel when he plays classical, while I don’t dig his other stuff. This with inner thoughts are his most nice ones…


Sometimes a pity that the posts get messed up. This wouldn’t happen if there where not limitation on how many replies you can give … a missed opportunity. His picture belongs to the post before…


150 posts of Top Twenty Albums and not a single mention of

Elvis Presley
Buddy Holly
Cliff Richard
The Shadows

No wonder Mrs D thinks this place is dull and boring :sunglasses:

And whatever happened to The Proclaimers or Carley Simon ? (I ask)

Ok I’ll get her list and I’ll compile mine…


This is an album list and although there are a number of entries for, say, Miles Davis Kind of Blue (1959), I’d be hard pushed to name a Buddy Holly or Cliff album.

Great songs (singles) and compilations from all those artists you mention but albums?


I can assure you that all four (+ the other two) each has a massive list of albums.
OK, many of those albums are collections of their hits (and misses) or the musical content of a film or two, but nevertheless they are albums.

Many of the albums featured above are of a similar format, ie collections of that artist’s songs. Some of which were “Hits” many of which were not.

Anyway, I’ll compile my list and Mrs D is also compiling her list. There will be some overlap, I have no doubt, and between us I rather suspect the list will include all six mentioned artistes along with Pink Floyd and The Beatles


OOps, I don’t want to break any “rules” so I shall refrain from publishing both of our lists

  1. Revolver - The Beatles
  2. Hotel California - The Eagles
  3. …And Justice For All - Metallica
  4. Led Zeppelin II - Led Zeppelin
  5. Hot Rats - Frank Zappa
  6. Unhalfbricking - Fairport Convention
  7. Friends Of Mr Cairo - Jon & Vangelis
  8. Vol. II - Hurt
  9. Smokin’ - Humble Pie
  10. Wheels Of Fire - Cream
  11. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
  12. Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan
  13. Yes Album - Yes
  14. Live At Leeds - The Who
  15. Argus - Wishbone Ash
  16. Stop Making Sense - Talking Heads
  17. Spirit of Eden - Talk Talk
  18. Take Five - Dave Brubeck
  19. Bitches Brew - Miles Davis
  20. LIVE! In Europe - Rory Gallagher

All albums I love and have played countless times. I’ve left at least 100 out that could have made the cut. Just as well I’m never going to be invited on to Desert Island Discs!


I was only joking, Don. Go on, publish your lists,even if they are >20!


glorious album
sounds great after over 30 years!


Thanks for your comments. TBH, I could have included another 4 or 5 Todd albums but I realise the list would have been somewhat unbalanced! Couldn’t find room for any Neil Young either and I didn’t even get as far as considering any classical music.


Thanks Clive, I rather thought you were. But better safe than sorry !


Cliff Richard :flushed::flushed::flushed:


Truly shocking…