Your Top 5 Dire Straits Songs

Brothers in Arms
Ride Across The River
Lady Writer
Sultans Of Swing
…many others…

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Sultans Of Swing
In The Gallery
Once Upon A TIme In The West
Why Worry
When It Comes To You

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Sorry Nigel to be blunt but I think that is so fundamentally wrong. I think their music is appreciated by audiophiles because they always took upmost care in its creation. And whilst there are, inevitably, some weak points in their catalogue - mostly on Brothers In Arms although the title track is amongst their very best - the music was as true on On Every Street (truly a great “guitar” album) as it was in the beginning.




There is no right or wrong, it’s all just opinion. You cannot say I’m wrong just because you don’t agree.

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Well in my opinion you’re wrong. What sonic effects? True they introduced some keys and sax but they always were a guitar based band - end of.

I’m thinking of the cats and the glasses rather than other instruments. I’ll say no more as it’s not worth it. This is music, not Brexit.

You and Your Friend
Sultan of Swing
Water of Love
Telegraph Rd
Romeo and Juliet

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When it Comes to You
Once Upon a Time in West
Down to the Waterline
Brothers In Arms
Water of Love
(honorable mention: You & Your Friend. Boom,Like That. Telegraph Road. Private Invest’s)

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Tunnel of Love
Private Investigations
Brothers in Arms
You and your Friend
Where do you think your going


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