YouTube casting to Nova

I am sorry if I am describing my problem wrong… but here goes…

I want to try to stream from YouTube on my cellphone to my Nova using the Chromecast functionality. When I try casting from my YouTube app the Naim Nova does not show up as an available device. Other devices in my house show up (TVs etc).

When I click the Chromecast icon in the Naim app only ‘Spotify’ appears as an option, and indeed the Spotify link works. It works very well. I think YouTube should also appear as it is Chromecast enabled and is open on my cell phone. The Naim help system has an example where YouTube and other apps come up as available to stream to the Naim device.

Everything is on the same WiFi. All devices show up in the Google Home app on my phone.

I think I have tried everything possible… but to no avail.

What am I missing?

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Works for me. If I tap the Chromecast icon on top of the screen in the YouTube app, then tap on ‘AirPlay and Bluetooth devices’ my Atom appears on the list.

Strange… I don’t. I thought Chromecast was WiFi or Ethernet driven. Not Bluetooth or AirPlay.

I’m guessing that as I use sn iPhone, it uses AirPlay rather than Chromecast, but either way, it works. Maybe Android would be different, as it would want to use Chromecast rather than AirPlay.

Airplay is different from Chromecast although as I don’t have one of the latest streamers I can’t advise.

Maybe you need to set up or at least recognise the Nova as a cast device in the Google Home app? (But i’m Only just discovering about casting, so I may be quite wrong.)

The Youtube app will likely assume you want to cast to a video enabled device, such as a Chromecast or dnla enabled TV or Google home device. So instead, from your phones home screen, pull down swipe and a menu of frequently used settings drops down, such as wifi, bluetooth, do not disturb, torch, etc… choose ‘cast’ from there and your Nova should show up. Select it and the Nova should switch to the Chromecast input and then switch to your YouTube app… and audio should now play off your nova, whilst video plays off your phone screen.

Thank you marka! This works. I still think that for full Chromecast compatibility the Nova needs to come up as available from within Chromecast enabled apps such as YouTube etc. Seems like Naim needs to spend some more time on their firmware.

I used a Chromecast Audio dongle on my old Cyrus amp with no issues. Worked a treat. The main advantage is that I can still use my phone while listening to music… etc.

I don’t think this is a Naim issue at all. The YouTube app on your phone won’t offer you the Nova as a cast destination because it’s audio only.

In just the same way, if I cast from the BBC Radio app, I am offered the Chromecast dongle on my TV and the Chromecast Audio dongle in my office, but if I cast from the BBC iPlayer app, I’m only offered the Chromecast dongle on my TV.

Hi David… you make a lot of sense. Thanks for setting me right. I apologise.

Would be kinda useful if it worked thou…

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As I said earlier, if I open the YouTube app on my iPhone, it gives me the option to send the audio to my Atom, so this should work for your Nova too.

Hi Chris, the op has an Android OS based phone, it works differently with Chromecast.

Yes, but last time I tried it on Android it would connect from within the app too, so I still think it should work.

Hmm. I can’t get it to work on my Android device from within the YouTube app. It will work if I screen share from the Android settings.

Looks like it works on iPhones. I guess that means it should work on Android, but for me it doesn’t.

Anyway, thanks guys for your comments and advice. Much appreciated.

There seems to be more variability on Android devices due ti the wide variety of hardware that runs it. Still, you have it working now, which is what matters.

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