Z-type plugs


What is the forums take on z-type plugs like these:

I like the way they look especially when wrapped / heatshrinked.

Im interested in them especially for my non-Naim loudspeakers. On the Naim ones I have their plugs.

They look pretty. I prefer the standard Deltron 4mm plugs myself.

My dealer uses them as standard in berrylium/copper. So on my set up these are on the speaker end naim plugs on the amp. There are perhaps flashier connectors, but these sound fine imo.

Yes, I too prefer the Deltron side spring type, Naim use the same design as do Chord with their new Ohmic plugs.
I’ve heard stories about the Z-types being a bit fragile

Z plugs ( BFA ) are great plugs, very low mass
There are how ever many different versions made all over the world
Some are a little more stuff and less likely to compress over time.
The once in the picture are actually for test probe leads.
But personally I find them very good even on naim Nac a 5.
Just have to reset them once a year and I do this by sliding a deltron banana down the middle.

My brother has that. UQ2 >> naca5 >> Guru Juniors using these z-type plugs. Really nicely done.

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