Zenith / Qutest: USB or Spdiff

Hi @gav_sw20, I have a zen mk3 and use it with an M2Tech HiFace. The M2Tech has a BNC socket for the output and I have Chord Shawline BNC to BNC to connect to the digital 1 input of my 272. Using the ethernet cable out from Zen to 272 is very, very slightly clearer for UPnP streaming. But the M2tech is needed for Qobuz and I cannot fault it as a connection. I have connected the USB out of the Zen to a Chord Mojo and that sounds pretty good into the analogue 2 input of the 272, it is perhaps a little bit filtered in the treble. That maybe because I had a low cost QED 3.5mm jack to phono lead as the analogue out from Mojo to 272. These are my findings and you may get a different impression.

How are you getting 5v power to the Quest? The backup USB port on the Zenith may be strong enough to power the Qutest and benefits from the clean power supply in the Zenith.

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Doh. Apologies. Been a long long week.

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I owned a Zen Mini with power supply before moving onto the Zenith (both with Chord DAC). IMHO the interconnect in the first set up could have been designed by Einstein, made by Jesus and fitted by God himself and it would still not be in the same league as the Zenith so I wouldn’t lose sleep over it if I were you.

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Thanks for the response.

I was looking at a M2Tech USB-BNC but not sure whether it would be an improvement over USB.

The Qutest is running from a TP 5v powered supply, I hadn’t even thought if trying to run it from the Zenith. I assume you mean plugging it into the “BACKUP” USB port on the rear of the Zenith ? Also, do you recommend and particular cable at all please ?


yes, I think you can plug the Qutest power input (I think it is a micro USB) into the Zenith BACKUP USB port. I have tried this with a Chord Mojo into the BACKUP USB output of my Zen and it charged the Mojo.

For the BACKUP USB port of the Zenith to Qutest power input, I think you could use an ordinary USB A to micro USB cable.

For the DAC USB port of the Zenith to the Qutest USB B signal input, I guess there are a lot of expensive hifi cables you could choose from. Someone on the forum will make a good suggestion for you. I use the cable supplied by Chord Electronics for the Mojo, so I don’t have an expensive recommendation for you.

If you get a M2Tech HiFace2 USB to BNC, Naim’s own digital BNC to BNC cable will be a good choice. I use a Chord Company Shawline BNC to BNC and that works well, it was a significant improvement on the basic Belkin cable that came with the M2Tech (which I bought secondhand).


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