Zwift and Naim

Hello. Just interested if any Naim Forum members are using Zwift. Might be fun to have rides and chat via eg Zoom/Teams.

Like most I suspect, Zwift is a bad weather option. Over the past 18 months I’ve clocked 2675 miles…

I anticipate using it a fair bit in the coming months…

Zwift user here, mainly during the winter. Being a mountain biker, I’m done with washing 2kg of mud off the bike and me in cold weather.

A lot of the group rides use Discord for chat during rides. They have FB pages with instructions for linking up.

I’m arranging a 09.00 ride tomorrow. It’s a bank holiday here (Jersey) but windy and rainy. Follow me Ray K If you wish to join. Will try and set up a Zoom to chat if anyone joins

I am considering Zwift this winter. I know there is s vast amount of debate out there but any thoughts of Zwift v TrainerRoad and others?

I have a suitable Wahoo trainer. In winter I have generally used the turbo for an hour approx when time or really bad weather prevent outside play. I have used the Wahoo app and just done a hard interval type workout of my own making. Not especially bothered about joining up with others for a social ride (Naim or otherwise!)

Does Zwift give good options for a hard training ride rather than just being a bit like a video game?

I know I can try it (and alternatives) for free but just interested in opinions. It was still summer yesterday here!


Absolutely! Some are fairly simple and low level, others are killer workouts.

More workouts than you can shake a stick at. Group training rides you can join at varying levels. You can create your own too…

Huge variety. Calibrated to your actual performance. And fun!! You can do training rides in real terrains ie Ventoux, BoxHill, or fantasy lands with dinosaurs and yettis

Thanks folks. I just need to try it. Weather too good for now anyway


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