01 tuner

The mighty 01 tuner what was so special about this legend of a tuner

Terry, the NAT01 is considered by many to be the best source component Naim ever made, limited only by the quality of the broadcast and the aerial. This is why Naim recommended NAT01 users invest in at least a proper Galaxie G17 or better.

The NAT01 used a Naim designed and built tuner head, optimised for best possible sound quality, which does mean it’s not the most sensitive tuner around, hence the need for the best possible aerial and proper installation.

There are a number of reviews around, both contemporary and retrospective. David Price’s review on Zstereo is well worth a read to give you an overview:

Naim can still service the NAT01 (and all the other NATs too) although the earliest units had FL displays that would fade to nothing, and these cannot now be replaced. So best go for a later unit or an early one with a later replacement display.


Thanks Richard

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“…this is one of hi-fi’s great tuners and there has never been anything else quite like it since.”

No need to say anymore. I am one of those who believes it is Naim Audio’s finest ever source component.

I just need the service department to respond to my retailer’s RMA request so that I can have the frequency drift sorted.


I think they were also made with an Olive casing?

I went to buy one to be told they had stopped making them that month (I think a key part made by Sanyo became unavailable? ) .

Linn also stopped making the Kremlin the same month for the same reason?

Still keep looking on the bay and one day…

In the mean time my NAT 03 is doing a splendid job and is much appreciated.

They most certainly were:


Thought so, many thanks


Yes, the NAT01 was improved for the Olive update; a better LED display and improved power supply. It lasted right to the end of the Olive period until parts supply became problematic and it was discontinued. I really wanted one but just missed the boat.

The final upgrade for the NAT01, if you leave aside mains lead and interconnect upgrades, came during the Reference/Classic period and was the XPS-T, a development of the XPS2 to make a power supply to replace and upgrade on the NAPST.


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