100 All Analogue LP's Worth Owning?

A ridiculous concept recommending owning, as it depends on people’s musical taste! I take it this is simply his list of personal top 100 analogue albums still available on vinyl.

He clearly has quite different taste from me! But for those whose tastes are similar to his, or even partially (eg jazz), then it may trigger interest in some things not already known.

If I may say so, I think that’s a rather narrow view. Of course everyone has different tastes but if one wants to broaden their taste then recommendations from someone who has different tastes is useful.
The point with Fremer also is that he is coming from an Audiophile perspective, so recommendations are based on mastering, pressing and sound quality rather than specific genre or taste. Its a recomendation not a prescription, no matter how good a title might sound, if it doesnt float yer boat, obviously your not going to want it.
If you watched the video, yes all two hours of it! I think he does say he will follow up with a Classical list, so maybe other genre specific lists may follow.


I readily acknowledge it is a narrow view - because I only ever listen to music for the pleasure it gives, and if I don’t like the music I don’t get pleasure from it, however well recorded it may be, so that “audiophile” angle is lost on me, other than where it improves the sound quality of music I like. However, I suppose my point was more that whilst it may be legitimate for someone else to recommend listening to particular pieces of music, it seems very odd to recommend that people should own them!

i agree more here with Dreadatthecontrols. The selection by Michael Fremer is based on his tastes but also on sound quality matter.
Each can choose what he is interested by in the list.
My choices are :
Miles, in the silent way
Aretha Franklin Aretha ‘s gold
Jimmy Hendrix
Joni Mitchell
Cat Stevens
Shelby Lynn
Cassandra Wilson

so only 7 on 100

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The info in the booklet in the boxset says they were analogue mastered and analogue cut as well, with a list of equipment used.

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strata east original records are often very expensive. Or it’s very difficult to find Near Mint. So i would go for the pure pleasure.
However i have some pure pleasure albums. I am not sure all are made in true analog way, because some sound a bit digital.

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Thanks Richard, since commenting I have been searching and see they were mastered from original tape at Abbey Rd, sadly out of stock and high prices being asked on Discogs. I’ve emailed Jazzman to enquire if there might be a re pressing.


Also, as I alluded to before I don’t recall anywhere him saying you “should” own them. The word is “worth” owning in his opinion.

If this thread isn’t for you, fair enough, why bother just to be a pedant?

One thing I’ve learned about these LP reissues is not to get too hung up on the 100% analogue thing. I’ve got plenty of LPs that were cut from digital and they sound really fantastic - and in many cases preferable to the equivalent CD or WAV files replayed on equivalent quality kit. And when you consider that many “all analogue” cuts have probably gone through a digital preview, just making judgments based on analogue or digital doesn’t make much sense. Don’t confuse “digital” with dodgy LPs cut with little care and attention and likely taken from just a CD. Much better to judge on the sound quality of the actual LP itself.

DATC, re. the Jazzman, do a deep search. I recently bought for a friend a few of the Rendell/Carr LPs from Germany, so there are possibly still some out there.


I have many nice Pure Pleasure LP’s, the earlier ones are AAA but some of the later ones as you and Michael Fremer points out may not be.

Totally agree Richard, I’m not hung up on it particularly it just happened to be the criteria for this topic based on MF’s list.
I have many great sounding digitally sourced LP’s (Naim Label). Also as on another thread we’ve been discussing the BN80’s, the Robert Glasper Canvas is digitally sourced and sounds top notch


i agree that digital lps can sound fantastic. But some reissues are very well done, silent, dynamic and open, however with a bit cd quality sound.
If playing them on a digital rig has the same sound as the lp, i see no interest in buying the lp personnaly.

Ah. That’s a bit different from how you originally put it! Anyway other than my first post which came from a position of surprise, I’ve only been replying in answer to your responses, and this is unnecessarily prolonging a wholly irrelevant diversion which I hadn’t intended, so let’s leave it at that - clearly this Michael Framer chap and I are on different musical wavelengths - but then, that is music for you… (pun realised after writing :grinning:)

IB, i know you are not anymore interested by lps and turntables. But you join all the vinyl threads. In most cases you create tensions. Why?

Responding purely because you have asked: Firstly you will note I made no criticism about analogue in this thread, no suggestion that vinyl is inferior or digital better or anything similar - however you do have a bit of a habit of picking on my known recognition that good digital can sound better than even the best analogue, and have in the past made gratuitous comments about my view.

Secondly, for clarity as to why I looked at the thread in the first place given mention of analogue: A lot of music I like comes from recordings predating digital, so, quite simply a title suggesting 100 good enough to be worth owning made me wonder if there would be things I’ve missed. I was disappointed to find not, and rather surprised that a supposedly well-known reviewer (though I’m not aware of having read any of his reviews) had presented such a limited range of music, then apparently recommending owning (though I now gather that was not quite what he had actually said). I had expected a far more balanced mix in a top 100, which is what prompted my comment.

End of story, and I’m sure uninteresting to the people who want to discuss the OP subject more.

i know michael fremer is listening also a lot of classical music. I don’t why there’s no one in that list.
For myself i see only 7 for 100 for which i am interested by. So not so much too finally.
However it’s the same proportion as in the music thread in the forum, for me.

Guys, firstly MF suggests at the end of the video (it takes two hours to get there!) That there will be a Classical list. So perhaps other genre specific lists may follow. In any case any list is bound to be controversial hence my posing the question in the OP about whether members agree/disagree with the selections and why?

Innocent Bystander, with respect I think you are being quite disingenuous.
I haven’t “put” anything, please pay attention. The thread title and MF’s piece is titled 100 All Analogue LP’s Worth Owning.
In your second comment you conveniently omit the words Analogue LP’s from the line “100 Good Enough”

This thread doesn’t interest you and in your view “a ridiculous concept” so please don’t jump in with nothing meaningfull to contribute just to be pedantic, negative and derailing. It’s not clever.
Can we now please move

absolute magazine, each year, publishes a list of the best albums per journalist. Quite interesting, different lists with comments on each album choosed.

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Oh dear, I have tried to move on, but every time I think the matter is closed a response needs answering. In this case you leave me little choice: the title says what it says, however your original post said:

so please don’t accuse me of being disingenuous: you did give me reason to believe that that Michael Fremer had recommended owning.

As for my omission of the words “Analogue LPs” I don’r understand your point: what is “convenient” about the omission, or indeed significant in any way? That I was discussing analogue was clearly understood in the context of the sentence, so I didn’t have need to detail more. Yes the thread is about a list of analogue LPs and I have not tried to hide that, indeed my very response to FR from which you extracted clearly identified that very fact of the thread being about all-analogue - by definition that is analogue LPs (well, potentially also tape) - was what had attracted me, because, as I stated even in the sentence you quoted A lot of music I like comes from recordings predating digital.

I am very happy indeed to move on, if you now are.

if only you have said at the beginning something like that: unfortunately there is nothing that interests me in the Fremer list.
All this discussion would have not existed