10m Ethernet patch cable and switch

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I hope everyone is well in these crazy and quite scary times.

I know there is already a very long cables thread but was just hoping for a simple answer maybe if anyone can help.

Anyway - I have a NDX 2 which is about 9m away from the Virgin media router, which i also have an Apple time capsule connected to.
I currently have a very cheap 25m or 30m ethernet lead connected between the time capsule and the NDX2 with a lot of it coiled up. Time capsule connected to Virgin media router. Only had the NDX2 a few weeks.

Could someone please advise what is a good 10m ethernet cable to buy and a network switch and how i would configure this please to achieve the best results. Cat 5, 6, 7 etc. I have no idea and if i need a switch or not.

Currently just direct streaming Tidal, Qobuz and using internet radio.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I should ask about budget, but I won’t. If you believe mad money ethernet cables are VFM, I’m not yer man.

Hot forum favourite ethernet is Blue Jeans Cables, Cat-6 or Cat-6A, seems that more forum-folk believe 6A is sonically better, but I didn’t hear that & have Cat-6 from BT hub to switch.
That’s added to my MeiCord Cat-6 & highly recommended that goes from NAS to switch to NDX.

The switch favourite is one of the many used/refurbish Cisco Catalyst 8 ports. There will be a number advising which one(s). I’m no expert but I have tried one a while back & yes they are a step up from the basic consumer types but too big to fit without domestic disruption, plus I only need 5 ports & use a Cisco SG110D.

I’ve been using Blue Jeans cat 6A for a while now and they are very good - just as good if not better than the much more expensive wires that preceded them. What I have is BJ from Virgin hub (used as modem) to Apple Airport, BJ from Airport to Cisco switch (2960 8TC L) and BJs from switch to 272 and Qnap Nas. Whether a switch helps if you only do online streaming I don’t really know.

Thanks for the quick replies.

I will order a Blue Jeans cat 6a 10m patch cable and try that first as seems a popular choice. Maybe no need for a switch then.

I did think that when I plugged the ethernet cable in the ndx2 it automatically turns the wi fi off and uses the cable signal. Is this incorrect ? Saying that I need wifli for my phone Naim app to connect to NDX 2… Confused.



The cable becomes the data feed to NDX2
The connection from phone (Naim app) is wireless to the hub & then via the cable to the NDX2

Cheers Mike

No desire to poke the hornet’s nest, but a Cisco switch has been a nice upgrade for me, listening to Tidal into a 272 / 250DR). And… [whispering] two switches offers another noticeable step up. Of course, unlimited discussion on this topic over in the ‘other’ thread.

In contrast, I’ve struggled thus far to find noticeable SQ differences amongst the majority of ethernet cables (with the exception of AQ Cinnamon, which strangled the music in my system). Playing around with used Ciscos is anyhow a cheap sub-hobby in the grand scheme of things.

May have to take up a new sub hobby then.

It really doesn’t matter, any certified cable of Cat5e or higher will be fine, and you have upto 100 metres to play with.
My view is don’t get sucked into some of the marketing babble.
Use Cat5e, and if you want to noise shape, then get a RJ45 back to back connector and insert your favourite boutique Ethernet cable for the last metre or two… though you will likely find your results are specific to your environment.


I’m using Cat 5e Blue Jean’s Cable which comes with Fluke test certification as recommended by various people on this forum.

I bought 3 x 7 metre lengths of orange Belden 1700 A bonded pair, and use it with my Cisco 2960 8TC L white switch.

The cable runs from the router and then one to the NDS and the other to my NAS zoneripper 2 TB drive.

Then I have a Cat 6A and Cat 7 running from the switch to my AV receiver and TV.

What are they like? Sound excellent to me. Noticed an improvement going from router to switch with the Blue Jean’s cables.

I have just left it as it is now as it all sounds good. I don’t feel the need to tinker with it. Lol.

Paid £70 for the Blue Jean’s Cables and £100 for the switch. Other Cat 6a and Cat 7 cables were cheaper ones probably less than £15 for both. So it hasn’t cost a fortune. I really like the quality of the Blue Jean’s cables and the colour!!

Some refreshing honesty :grinning:

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Hi Simon,

So are you saying I do not need a switch between the router and my NDX2.

I have ordered 1 x 10m Blue jeans Cat6a cable and 1 x 1m Cat6a cable.

One in black and one in white just to be crazy…

Sorry, bit of a newbie on this front. I see a lot of people are keen on the Cisco switch as below:

What does the switch actually do for me and why would I need 8 ports ?


Assuming you are using a small consumer type router then it will typically contain four switch ports on it - you simply need to connect your streamer to one of these.

You may find however its more convenient to have a switch more local to your streamer where you can also connect your NAS etc, so you can reduce the number of long ethernet leads you otherwise might need.

Finally there is the SQ matter - you may or may not prefer the ‘noise shaping’ characteristics of either your router or another switch directly connected to your streamer - that will be entirely subjective and down to trial and error.

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:small_blue_diamond:@Thedomestique,…Hi,.I do not understand these ‘fuzzy’ and unclear statements :wink:.

I am the OP for the long thread…
“Ethernet Switch and Cables Mania”.
I have also installed about 100 Cisco Catalyst-switches in various hifi-friends music-systems.

In All these cases,.there has been better soundquality with a Cisco-switch in the music-system.
The difference in soundquality can vary a little between different systems.
BUT,.there has Always been better soundquality with a Cisco-switch in the music-system.

• Router > Cisco > NDX2 (in your case😉).

It is also the conclusion of the long thread “Ethernet Switch and Cables Mania”.
Some exception in the thread,who think differently there is always,.but they are Not many.

:small_blue_diamond:Thedomestique,.There will be better soundquality too with online streaming.

But the installation of your switch (Cisco),.is just as important as the installation of a “Black box”. Among other things,.I have written about it in the “long thread”.
Read more about this in that thread.


Hi Peder,

What Cisco switch do you reccomend please ?

Will have a read of the “long thread” re installation etc as I now appear to be within the rabbit hole.

Thanks for your help.


Hi - any small Cisco Catalyst switch many find agreeable; so an 8 port 2960 or 3560 is good.
You don’t need new with latest software - so used version on eBay etc should be fine - just ensure that the seller has factory resent the switch - that way it will work suitable as default. The key benefit appears with those Catalyst models as opposed to any general ‘Cisco’ switch.

It was I who discovered the benefit of a small 2960 several years ago when hunting down an issue of RFI on ethernet leads affecting my Naim system whilst using a Netgear switch, and I suspect it has now spawned a whole niche audiophile cottage industry :grinning: which funnily enough I predicted it would…


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