110 getting hot

Hallo! I have my little 110 recently back from service, that becomes very very hot …. Even if I’m not playing music …. Any hint? I think I’ll have it back to service but since we’re having some holidays in here, I’d like to gather some info if possible. Thanks

Provided you aren’t using unsuitable speaker cabling then it should not be getting hot. Speak to whoever undertook the service.


Thanks. I’m always exclusively using proper Naim original cables. In the specific event I had on an Hydra. Had it for years. Never had any problem. Ill have the amp checked asap

Many moons ago, when I had my 110, in a moment of insanity I tried a Kimber mains cable on it. It sounded truly awful, with a total loss of control in the bass, but it also made it run very hot indeed. I immediately reverted back to the standard cable and was never again tempted to try anything else.

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