115V 250DR in UK

I have come across a rather bargainous 250DR however it has a 115V sticker on the back which I believe implies it is a north american model – is this fine for use in the UK, convertable, or just flat out avoid? Thanks for any knowledge!

Yes it has to be converted to 240v by Naim.

Thanks Gazza - obviously 'll reach out to my dealer but does anyone have any kind of idea of likely cost?

Seller mentioned they had powered the unit on – is that likely to have caused damage if done on UK mains?

It was many many years ago, but when i had mine converted it did not seem unreasonable. Not sure on the powering up on wrong voltage, Naim will sort it and check it over before sending back.

Not a good idea to power it up on UK 230V mains if it’s still a 115V unit. I would ensure you have some guarantee or avenue of recourse with the seller should Naim find that any serious damage has been done.

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I would give that one a miss, to be honest.

It’s certainly likely that powering up a 115V unit on UK’s 240V has damaged it.

You could use an external step down transformer, but that’s usually not optimum for sound quality.

I believe Naim has fixed price repair costs if they change operating voltage? Likely to be above the difference in cost of this US voltage amp vs a correct UK spec one.

I should look for another 250, they pop up every once in a while … connecting a 115V unit to 230V can really cause some serious damage.

Surely if you run it on 230v you could claim to have a Nap500?


Cheers all, I decided to stay away, there were some questions as to legitimacy in the first place, great advice from all :slight_smile:

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