12v 2a can power 12v 3a?

Box SFR 8 fibre

I didn’t found other linear ps at better specs and cheaper.
The S booster is 12v 3a, but twice more expensive.
Mine costs 230 euros with shipping from France.
The seller said it is more powerful, so I will not use all its capacities. But it’s not a problem.
MCRU are more expensive too.

If you find something less expensive than 200 pounds, with 12v 3a, I am your guy.

The specs for my router are 12 v 2,5 a. I found Sbooster 12v 3a, and MCRU 12v 2,5 a. However they are both more expensive.
As some responded, better have something more powerful than the contrary, not?

Certainly. As long as the voltage is right, the current rating can be anything larger than the stated current loading for the router. So from what you say your router needs, it must be 12v dc and nothing larger or smaller. But it can be any current rating from 2.5A upwards.



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That’s the specs for the power supply which, as I say, might be completely bogus… tbh if they don’t give the proper power use of the router then I think I’d be using one of those mains power meter thingies to find out what it really is. However if the specs for the router say 12V/2.5A then anything of at least that rating will certainly do the job but if you measure the actual requirement you might find it’s, perhaps, only 20W maximum. In which case a 12V/2A would be fine. Most routers etc… have a surge in power requirement at power on/boot up. Once they’ve settled down the power usage is generally a lot lower. So even if it’s maximum 20W you might well find it’s perhaps only 10W normal operation!

If I had the tools to measure…it’s written on the back of the SMPS, so most probably it’s as indicated.
Of course I could also take the SMPS and go to an electronics shop and ask.
However i feel that anyway this linear ps should give better results vs the ifi power, even if the real measure is 2a, not 2,5a. But maybe I am wrong.

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