16 pin burndy?

I’ve searched the various topics but can’t find (or I’m just easily confused) a definitive answer.
I have an old 16 pin burndy in my box of old parts and I can’t for the life of me work out what it was used for, or what it can be used for.
FAQ suggests it’s for a 52 pre-amp, but I’ve never owned one.
Is it the same burndy as used on a 252 and maybe also used with a 252?
Many years ago (about 20) I had an 82 pre-amp. I “might” have had a Supercap for the 82.
I changed to a 252 at that time and would have used the Supercap, or I bought one, for the 252.
Anyway, I now have two black and one lavender 5 pin to 5 pin SNAIC (I know that they are straight forward interconnects) as well as a 16 pin burndy.
Is it possible my “spare” 16 pin burndy is due to me having replaced it with a slightly later or longer one.
Too many cables and advancing in years…

IIRC, a 16 pin Burndy was used between NAC52 and a 52PS. What colour is it?

I’d say it’s grey. (I’m colourblind)
The label says NA-52 22
I’ve never owned a 52 pre-amp.

OK, yes, that sounds like a NAC52/52PS Burndy.

I’m now wondering how on earth & why I have one of those??

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Maybe you’ve forgotten your time as a housebreaker. Maybe your fence didn’t want it.


That’s a possibility :innocent:

Could the Supercap have been a conversion from a 52PS, maybe…?

I don’t think so.
I just can’t recall how I used my 82 or if it was without a Supercap. I’m pretty sure I bought the SC new.

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