172/272 display fault

My 172 has the display fault. Fading/dim/characters missing. It was purchased used three years ago and was serviced by Naim. Does anyone know if replacement displays will fail after a period of time?

Also, does anyone know where they can be sourced?

Check with Naim’s support there may be some sort of warranty or ‘good will’ that will get you sorted.

You’ve not thought of typing “Naim 172 screen” in an eBay search?

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Done. One vendor in Australia, one in France. I was looking for a UK supplier.

Thanks I’ll do that.

Very common problem with the older Naim streamers but all products are currently still supported by Naim so long as the product has a 24/192 board fitted (your 172 should have this board fitted as standard).

Have just sent a customer’s UnitiQute back to Naim for this very same repair and charges will be £159 + P&P. 12 months warranty on the repair is included too.

Contact you nearest Naim retailer and they can assist.

Hope this helps.



Yes I managed to speak to a dealer who gave me the same information. A little concerned that the display is going to fail again in a few years. I kept mine off for that very reason but it made no difference.

These screens were not naims finest moment why they carried on with them is bizzare

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A shame they cannot be replaced with a more reliable alternative. I’m not looking forward to having to go through all this again in a few years,

I was told by naim a few months ago that the new ones are more reliable and that there was plenty of stock to last for years as naim are aware that they are failing. Like you mine has been off since new but failed at 9 years anyway.

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I’ve ordered a replacement display from France.

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Please let us know how that goes. I contacted the same guy from e…y, but was put off by the fact that he wanted to do the transaction outside that platform. He sounded like he was only fishing for customers there and trying to bypass all fees by moving the deal to his own site.
I have a 272 and don’t have that problem yet, however I wanted to buy a display to have it, just in case.

Will do. I placed the order on the site.

Display replaced. It’s a different design so here is hoping that the the fault has been fixed.


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