172 XS and Bluetooth

I have just replaced an elderly 45.5 / Squeezebox Touch / HUGO with a 172 XS and it sounds wonderful. The reduction in boxes is welcome too.
Music stored on a Qnap NAS and there is also an LP12 for vinyl.
It took me a while to realise that the Qnap uPnP app wasn’t going to work for me (couldn’t play Artist > Album and had control issues} but Minim from the App Store works fine.
Naim app has also taken some getting used to (playlists?) after using Squeezer but is now working well for me as well.
No FM/Dab module - no great loss with iRadio but can you get the module separately?. However the reference manual states that Bluetooth is standard on all Naim streaming apps. Well it isn’t on mine.

If the 172 has Bluetooth input you may need to turn the input on in the Naim app.

Unfortunately you can not retrofit the DAB/FM module.
Bluetooth was fitted as standard on later models, but not on the earlier ones. No great loss in my opinion, as it’s not the best for sound quality, and connection can be unreliable unless your device is very close.

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Thanks for the feedback. It looks like I will have to use my Logitech adapter. It is for convenience (YouTube via Amazon FireTV) not high quality audio.

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