180g vinyl, is it really all that?

It seems that most new vinyl records these days are pressed on 180g vinyl. Listening to them I can’t really say that they sound any better than some of the records I’ve had for 30+ years pressed on 80g vinyl. I can see that 180g vinyl is perhaps less prone to warping than 80g vinyl but as long as you look after your records properly then warping isn’t really an issue. So, 180g vinyl, is it just a marketing ploy or am I missing something?

It is absolutely a marketing ploy in that no-one has been able to demonstrate any discernible benefit over 110g. Appeals to the vinyl fetishist.

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Mind there was a time when vinyl was so thin it was almost transparent.

Indeed. Woolies 4th generation vinyl was such a joy.

One of many reasons I can’t really engage with the nostalgic fetishism around vinyl.

Indeed, and that was a great description of some of the finest vinyl ever used for pressing LPs back in the late '70s and early '80s - JVC Super vinyl; very thin, and even a bit translucent when held up to the light, but it often resulted in superb pressings.

In answer to the OP’s question, 180g pressings can be “all that” but they can also be a bit rubbish too; the weight of 180g in itself doesn’t make for a great pressing.


That’s exactly the way I’m thinking

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