1985 Olive Hicap?

I recently purchased an olive hi-cap with serial number 25xxx. According to Naim, this serial number indicates a 1985 manufacture date. My understanding is that the olive series did not start until 1988. Also the back of the hi-cap is the similar the CB hi-caps in that the serial number is on a badge in the middle as opposed to up in the right corner, and the input/output sockets do not have locking collars.
Can anyone explain this?

It has probably had a cosmetic update to Olive look. Naim offered this on certain items (mostly Power supplies and power amps, plus a few tuners) throughout the Olive period so owners could match up older gear to the new Olive look of newer kit.

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Thanks for the info. I had a feeling it was something like that.
Do you know if they still offer that service? I’m running 2 hi-caps and I like the sound of this one better. In order to get a close match, I’d probably have to get a CB and everything else I have is olive

I think it was offered some years into the Classic era but that was 20 years ago now - I don’t think it’s available now. Look for a pre '93 Olive and you should be fine as these were very similar to the CB units and shared the same Holden & Fisher transformer.

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I own an '86 Hicap, which I had converted from CB to Olive, at Naim.

Ser No is 28xxx. H&F transformer.

Its ‘paired’ with a '90 original Olive HiCap, powering my 82. Also H&F.

Works well…

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