1st Gen Streamers: Replacement Screens Less Green?

For those that have replaced the screens on their 1st gen streamers - are the displays less ‘green’ and more ‘amber’ than the original ones? Or was the original display on my UQ not as green as I remember??


Here’s a photo to compare the screen to the logo

I’ve had new displays on my NDS and ND5XS and previously NDX. All green here.

I hadn’t noticed, here’s my UQ1 fresh after a new screen 2 years ago

If that’s an accurate colour rendition, your screen is much more amber than my NDS’s original screen and the recent replacement (also green!).

indeed it is. very amber. i only noticed it when I got my 172 - much more green

Surely they should now be white? :grin:

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Had to replace screens on both my ND5XS and UQ (1st gen) - ND5XS still green but haven’t even switched the UQ on to see yet!

that would be an interesting retrofit - white screen and logo. surely it could be done

The green comes from the green plastic placed in front of the screen. So if it is amber then it means the screen might have some tint that the green filter (glued to the metal fascia) cannot filter out.

unfixable then?

Hard to say. Equally possible that the green filter aged with UV exposure and the filter is the problem not the screen. Certainly you could remove the fascia and see if the screen bare is tinged at all. Not sure a root cause analysis gets you closer to a fix though.

The green filter can be replaced if it’s the issue. It comes off with a heat gun. Whether Naim have spares or not is anyone’s guess.

beyond my skill set and probably not the most pressing issue…but thanks for the info!

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