1x XLR input on NAP 250DR

maybe a stupid question, but can anybody tell me how to connect a pre amp with 2x XLR outputs to a NAP 250 DR ( 1x XLR input)? and, what are the disadvantages here?

XLR connectors are normally used for making balanced (rather than single ended) connections between equipment. It’s not a true balanced input on the 250 - it uses an XLR socket but wired with pin 1 as gnd, 2 as Ch1 and 3 as Ch2. I would use the unbalanced (single ended) outputs (on RCA connectors) on your preamp and use a custom 2x RCA to XLR cable to connect your pre to the 250.


Was about to say the exact same thing, so I’ll just concur.

thanks for your info.

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You’d need a custom-made cable for connecting a non-Naim preamp to NAP250.
Not that common… but I think Chord may have something available.

Have a look at a company called flashback sales they sell a vast array of cables including specialist Naim types. I found them when looking for an XLR cable for the pre out on my 172.

I have no affiliation and have not dealt with them yet so please do your own research.


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