2 Amps on supercap for testing possible?

Hope that does not sound silly.
Is it possible to have 2 power amps connected to the supercap.
I have 135 connected to 2 ports as recommended. There is a third one.
Is it possible to connect my old 250 to the third port without removing the cables from 135.
I would like to do some comparison and would like to avoid re-cabling.

This is only for testing - if the setup is possible I only need to change speaker cables.
Do I need to unpower the nap not used?
Or is the „double amp“ connection not possible and would blow up my system. The latter I very much like to avoid.

Thanks a lot for some words.

It’s possible, but best to have the pre-amp/Supercap only having to drive one amp (or one pair of 135s) at a time. However, for your purposes of comparison it may be OK.

Thanks a lot. Should I unpower the 250 while 135 are playing and vice Versa?

No, I would leave them powered up and just swap the speaker cables - the Naim SA8 speaker plugs make this easy to do without risking damage.

My other concern here would be whether all of the amps can be set up properly so that you are hearing them at their best. Do the extra amps all have a proper shelf on your rack, with good cable dressing etc? If not, you may be making unfair comparisons.
My approach for any such comparison would be to set up one system properly as you intend to use it. Relax and enjoy it for a few days. Then change amps and repeat.

You got it… it’s about hearing with the brain. To hell with me as a scientist I always go the analytical way.
The last time I upgraded was from 72/hiCap/250 in need of service to fresh serviced 52/sc/250 (Sc and 250).
The jump was huge - no need of comparison.

Now the jump is smaller and the brain kicks in :wink:

Today the 135 are running wild and I definitely hear difference compared to yesterday.
The comparison was not fair yesterday with the 135 out of box und the 250 warmed up. Today it might be unfair the other way round… that’s ok.

Thanks… I let them powered up. I think I will be very much convinced of 135 before 250 is getting warm again.
Is there a difference between the sc sockets. I connected 135 to 4 and 5 as requested. Will connect 250 to number 3.

Silly question - sc was serviced by Naim in 2018. never used another socket (only 5) before. If there would be a technical problem, I think I will get aware of it. Until now pure sound from both socket 4 and 5. :wink:

Thanks a lot worked perfectly. Only needed it for a moment. 135 are way better and the 250 even if warmed up would not come along with clarity.

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