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So firstly, I have an early bolt down cb 250 which has recently been to Naim for repair and full service and is sounding superb. This amp was designed with the A4 speaker cable as the A5 was not around at the time. So the question is what cable would be best for the amp? It has A5 on it at the moment.
Second question is regarding Naims passive crossovers, I’m looking for a pair and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to find some?

In your position I would stick with the NACA5.

Which speakers?

Naim dealers or eBay are probably your best bet for old crossovers. Be patient though…


When the BD NAP250 was made, even NAC A4 did not exist…!! Prior to A4 (so up until around 81/82*), the recommendation was RS 56 stand, ‘lightly twisted’, I believe.

@Richard.Dane - ??

[I bought my A4 leads when the cable was ‘new’, in early 1982 - for £1 per metre.]

Quite right. JV recommended two pieces of 56 Strand cable joined with a light twist every so often. NACA4 came later with the extruded case amps.


Whatever may have been around when the amp was new, I’m pretty sure that NACA5 will suit the amp, and sound best, so I think you’re fine in that regard, as you have it.

As to crossovers, you should consider ringing dealers such as Grahams, Cymbiosis or your local branch of Audio T. Or a specialist second hand Naim dealer such as James Allney at TomTom.

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I bought a pair of Intro 2s for a ridiculous price of £50. The external crossovers from the likes of Credo, IBL etc I’ve been told work and offer an improvement so I thought why not.

This is a crop from the instruction ‘manual’ for my 1985 NAP250 (its a single sheet of A4) -

As I bought my A4 leads in early 82 (*), I already had them when I bought my 42/110 later that year.

[*- I bought them because I heard NAC A4 with an A&R A60 (which is what I had), during a dem. I noticed something sounded different - and as it was ‘only’ £1 per metre…]

Ah, so you’re after Intro or Crefo crossovers. Probably better to look for a pair of Credos already with their crossovers and leave the Intros as is.

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