2 separate groups for mains, where to plug what?

I have two mains wall sockets which are both separated groups in my switchboard. Next to it it I have another two sockets which is shared with lights and other sockets in the living room.
I have the following hifi components:
Supernait 3
Hicap DR
Chord Qutest
Wireworld Matrix 2 with Aurora cable

Now I know that the SN3 is best plugged in directly one of the two Hi-Fi wall sockets. However I’m not sure whether I should plug the powerblock into the second wall socket (also hifi group) or should I plug the streamer or Hicap DR in and plug the powerblock into the remaining non hifi group and then plug the remaining devices into the powerblock.

It’s free to try!

I’d guess that you will find no audible difference. If anything is best, it would guess it’s everything Naim into one socket - even if that means they go via the Matrix, and plug the Qutest in separately, but that could easily be wrong.

If it’s not great and you are willing to spend money, get a 3-way Hydra for the Naim boxes - they benefit from its star-earthing.


I actually have a 3 headed Grahams Hydra. Now plugged into the SN and the Hicap. The ND5XS2 is plugged with a separate cable in the second hifi mains as with that cable it sounded better than with the Hydra. The Qutest is now plugged into the matrix along with my tv, Apple TV, router and switch into the non Hi-Fi mains.

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The matrix is also star wired it says online.

Use the Hydra as the power chord for ALL three of your Naim components, but nothing else. In other words, the non-Naim components should NOT be on the Hydra.

So I suppose you can just use the mains processor as suits you best.

I now have one wire from the Hydra hanging free as the streamer is connected to a cable that sounds less harsh. With the Hydra the streamer could sometimes have a too forward harsh sound. Also the background is more silent with the other cable.

That is a bit surprising, but you are hearing it and we are not, so trusting your ears seems right.

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Today I had so time to play around with cables again and the result has been literally staggering! As if someone put a more expensive version of my system in from me!!
After Graham55’s advice I turned curious again as to why my Hydra didn’t sound as well as my other cable that I have been using. I must admit that I tested this in my previous house and not in the house where I live now.
I switched the cable I was using on the ND5XS2 for the remaining free hanging Hydra cable. I also switched the Qutest from the Matrix block to the 2nd mains (a separate audio group) which I made available by unplugging the cable that was previously powering the ND5XS2.
It’s insane what this has done to my system. I expect it’s mostly the Qutest now not being star wired connected together with other polluting devices. Perhaps it’s the Hydra as well.
There is now so much punch, blackness in the background, clarity and detail that I am seriously flabbergasted to hear what my system was capable of!
It’s the first time since I have the Qutest to hear what this little DAC can do.

Thanks a lot @graham55 for igniting my curiosity again to start cable swapping once more!!


I’m pleased to have persuaded you to give the Hydra another try, but of course the thanks are due to my near namesakes at Grahams HiFi, who make and sell the Hydra.

Given what the Hydra does, it’s a wonderful VFM product. All Naim users should try one!


Fully agree. Incredible VFM


Keeping the Naim boxes electrically close seems to work well when ever I’ve compared to otherwise. Getting the Chord DAC further away should help too, though I only tried a 2qute. Belden 4794R cable helped with the sterility of the latter but not quite enough, hopefully the qutest is better to start with.

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