2 Speaker Connectivity Issues

I have a MUSO and a MUSO Qb version 1 of both.
When I play both speakers in tandem via Airplay (original) I constantly get drop outs. As soon as I disconnect one of the units. The MUSO left running has no issues at all over WiFi. Again as soon as I connect to both units simultaneously one of the MUSO UNITS, random cut outs and then on, and then off. If the MUSO’s are in the same room or direct line of site, no issues. But when I place them in different rooms, 50’ apart through a wall and through an open doorway, that’s when they dropout. When the MUSO’s are hardwired, can I only listen then in the NAIM APP? All other APPS Tidal & SIRIUS XM, would they be Airplay only? (Brand New Netgear Nighthawk Wireless 8 Router) Thank You for the help.

Hi, AirPlay does not require the use of WiFi. You can use it with a wired Ethernet connection. The 1st gen. Musos do not have very good WiFi performance so wired it always a good idea.

The original version of AirPlay only supported multiroom playback from a computer such as a Mac running iTunes. To do this with an iOS device you need AirPlay 2.

Thank you for the reply. I’ve read up allot on Airplay original. What I don’t understand is that if Airplay (original) doesn’t support iOS playback on two speakers or more at the same time, why does it work then not work? But when the two MUSO’s are in direct line of sight, they work without any dropouts? You’d think that it just wouldn’t work period? Hardwiring is almost impossible, without wrecking a few walls. I’m willing to try anything at this point. Even going back to SONOS where I had five speakers running in tandem with out any issues at all.
Lots of questions that I can’t seem to find answers for. I appreciate the feedback.

hi there, and welcome to the Forums!

Just to confirm: both Mu-so and Mu-so Qb 1st (as well as 2nd) Generation support AirPlay 2.

This does sound like a wi-fi issue; there is no reason the Mu-so should drop out otherwise. I would suggest trying to hard wire just one of them and seeing if that stablises things - is that possible?

As Clare says, the Musos support Airplay 2 so unless your control device doesn’t that is what you’ll be using.
The 1st gen. Musos used 802.11g WiFi modules which most people would have regarded as obsolete when they were released, never mind now. So the best solution will be a wired connection.
With a good modern Mesh WiFi network you may well get them working. Some such devices also have Ethernet ports that allow you to connect client devices using their more robust wireless connection back to the router.

Thank You both for the quick replies.
Dumb question, so pardon me. When I hardwire the MUSO’s (EthernetCable) is it just simple plug and play, or do I need reconfigure the MUSO’s for Ethernet?
Thank You Again.

I have a feeling you may need to stick a paper clip in the reset button once you’ve connected the cable. I certainly had to do it at one point.

I all, ok I’ve hard wired the NAIM MUSO to the WiFi Router, the MUSO Qb I have attached to a wireless ext router. Every other week, maybe once a week since, the MUSO which has been hard wired, it will disappear entirely from the Airplay list. The Qb is there, but the Hard Wired MUSO, gone, doesn’t exist. I have to pull the pwr plug on the MUSO and replug it in so that it becomes visible again. How is that even possible when it is hard wired directly to the WiFi Router? On the good side, I don’t get the drop outs anymore…

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