2 x Hicaps on 282 - earthing issue?

I’m no electrician so trying to get my head around the earthing downside to this configuration.
Would having both Hicaps powered via a Hydra minimise this?

No, the “issue” with two Hicaps on a NAC282 is down to how the system signal earthing is routed - i.e. signal only goes through one of the Hicaps.

OK, many thanks Richard.

I mentioned ths to Darran @ Class A when I was having my Olive Supercap serviced and he said there wasn’t an earthing issue and that the 82 was designed for two Hicaps. He did however stress that they needed to be matched very closely.

They do indeed need to be closely matched. And Darran is right that it’s not really much of an issue.

I can confirm for anybody interested that a cold, unserviced Supercap on one SNAIC is a touch better than a single Hicap. Add the second SNAIC and differences are now significant!
Now that my Supercap is serviced I’ve had to re-arrange speakers - “where the hell has that bass come from?” :open_mouth:

The scale of the soundstage is now larger and more life like. :smile:

Can a Supercap feed both upgrade of a NAC 152 XS?

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