2 x mu so qb in sync with optical in

Hi I’m hoping someone can help me out here!
I have two mu so qb’s below my TV and if I connected one with optical in is there a way to sync them to hive off the same sound? Hi

Multiroom via the app should do the trick. But wouldn’t you be better with a single mu-so rather than two Qbs?

I bought the mu so qb’s a while ago. Just trying to make it work with what I got I guess. I know with Bluetooth as the in I couldn’t make multi room work. That’s why I’m really hoping that with optical in in one qb will allow the multi room to work. Can anyone confirm that this will worth with first Gen qb?

I’m not quite sure what you’re hoping to achieve with this. Just move the second Qb to your bedroom / kitchen / some other room in your house / flat.

I think I made it clear what im trying to achieve. Really don’t know what you are asking here?
Anyways, just trying to find out if optical in as the source on one can allow multi room for the other?

Yes, you can use multiroom with the optical input, so you should be fine. (Not sure I understand what you mean by, “sync them to hive” though?)

Thank you so much! Sorry I meant give, not hive btw!

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It sounded like you intended to sit the Qbs side by side under the TV. That’s what I don’t understand

Hey Gavin, I circled where they would be. It just seems to fit that furniture well and the sound coming out is great.

It’ll work, although your turntable might not be too happy with the vibrations if you play it through the QB on the same shelf unit.

It will work, but I’m not sure why you’d want to do it (other then having somewhere to put them). They don’t act as a stereo pair, you don’t need two to get the necessary volume or slam, it doesn’t bring any sonic benefit.

I think multi-room might also introduce a slight delay to the sound, so lip sync to the TV could be difficult to achieve.

Personally, I’d put the second unit elsewhere - in the kitchen, in a bedroom.

@ChrisSU it’s insane how much vibration those 1200’s can stand. Much much high decibels than the muso can produce.
@GavinB you are probably right about spreading them apart. I had one in our bedroom but we are never really there. I know it won’t pair as a stereo but it’s nice to mix things up a bit.

Im actually incredibly surprised at the sound coming out of that enclosed area.

It doesn’t work btw. The optical in on one qb does not allow multi room.

There’s no suggestion in the support documents that this shouldn’t work. Have you managed to get multi-room working with one of the other sources - upnp, iRadio or Tidal?

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