200DR/202 Problem?


I’m new in here and is my first post, so be gentle! Anyway, I’ve recently upgraded my XS 2 Amp to the above Pre/Power combination and find the sound fabulous when dialed in correctly.

Anyhow, the problem I’m having is that there seems to be all or nothing with regards to the volume that is pumping out. I have to be so precise with either the remote or using the dial to get it just right. Literally, anything above 8am on the volume dial is unbearable, and 7am you can hardly hear anything. Nothing else in my system changed; Rega RP8, Benz Micro Ace Cart, Avid Pellar Phono, Kudos X3s and TQ Black 2 Cables.

Any suggestions would be great as to where I should be looking or doing to rectify the issue would be most helpful.



Hi Stevie, welcome to the forum. This is quite a common problem, especially if speakers are quite easy to drive. Naim’s choice of volume pot on their preamps is based on what they believe gives the best sound quality, and it’s an unfortunate side effect of this choice that the usable range is very limited.

Do you have the phonostage connected to the aux in connection on the pre???

I think it’s the turntable/phonostage/cartridge setup that caused the volume control to be not user-friendly, not the speakers.

I’d play around with the cartridge settings to see if help could be found there.

Hi Trueblue, Phonostage is connected to the RCA side of AUX 2

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