200Dr out Bryston 9B in...why socket 3 on the Hicap?

Since recently moving back to a pure 2 channel Naim system from our AV system l always wanted to try the Bryston in the system, just curios really. After recently adding a Hicap DR to the system I thought why not, I had done some research through the forum, some say
mixing Naim with different makes is not ideal , others seem to have got it to work very well.

I always though the Bryston seemed to have a better grip on my PMC Twenty 26’s when used in the AV system, so I have ordered a 4 pin din to phono and from what I have read this needs to be connected to socket 3 on the Hicap.

What I’m curious about is why socket 3? What is the difference between socket 1 and 2 compared to socket 3 on the Hicap.

Appreciate anybody taking the time to answer.

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Sockets 1,2 and 3 are effectively the same. The L & R signals are daisy chained from socket 4.

Socket 3 is closest to socket 4 (which connects to the preamp) and is minimal distance and number of connections away from socket 4 so is considered the one to use in a single amp setup.


Note on some old hicaps, socket 3 could also have a single 24v rail on it (socket 4 carries 2x 24v rails) - the back panel shows the socket connection configuration.

In simple terms, so you can triamp if desired.

Hi James, many thanks for the quick reply, my hicap is the later types as only just been purchased , so would I be correct in thinking if you wanted to bi-amp a speaker you would simply use an extra socket, say 2 and 3 to send the preamp signal to both power amps.

Yep - that’s it.

I was literally typing as you responded and yes I guess I could tri-amp.

Seems tempting to try, unfortunately the Bryston only has five channels of amplification but I could use four, might be worth a try for the cost of another interconnect and another length of speaker cable.

Really interested to hear how the Bryston sits with a Naim pre.


Hi Sinewave, you and me both , just waiting on Royal Mail which could be tricky in the current climate but fingers crossed it will be here soon.

Strike days aside, you should be fine as they prioritise parcels over mail these days.

What’s worrying, I have been waiting for a parcel since the 2 December and the tracker is still showing it at the original post office it started its journey and it hasn’t moved since , happy days. I ordered an item for a Xmas gift that got here fine , within two days , so it seems a bit hit and miss at the moment.

Something to look forward to.

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New 4 pin din to phono interconnect has arrived, which was a big surprise thought it would a taken longer to get through the Xmas back log.

Quick check over after removing the 200dr from the rack, I was hopeful that the Naim plugs may have gone directly into the back of the Byrston but no joy , so quickly removed their plastic case work and will just use the original pins on their own.

Trying to persuade the 9B onto the shelf is no easy task, weighing in at nearly 30kg plus my back is a touch iffy but we got there, everything connected, system powered up and just started to run a couple of tracks through just to warm everyone up.

The listening test was short lived as unexpected visitors arrived but on just a five minute listen things are sounding very promising,
the sound instantly filled the room much more, space around performer seemed to open up but the drive and grip feels frightening, I
think I need a bigger room.

Hopefully over the Xmas break I will get a little more listening in, cant wait to run some vinyl through the system, so just to conclude things are sounding very, very promising, I will play with the different gain settings just to decide which option works best with the 202, but definitely a very positive start.


Keep us posted - always fancied a Bryston power amp. The brutish looks appeal to me!

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Not sure what’s brutish about them, at least in black? More significantly than looks, they are very capable.

This is very interesting topic,expect latter sharing.

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