202/200 discontinued?!

A great shame I was less impressed with the 202 but the 200 was a great partner for the 282.


Possibly, as they appear to be going towards a “lifestyle” product model. But I think discontinuing the 250 would be the end of NAIM as we know (knew) it.

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I hope naim are not following the BMW model?

Purchasers will be offered a power amplifier. It will cost £20/month to perform at 200 level, or £50/month to perform at 250 level.

If you fail to pay it will revert to playing only “Surfin’ Bird”.

Only partially joking showed SWMBO the monthly cost for all the options on her current coupe and another BMW is off the cards. Tremendous sales technique from the Germans


I believe Tesla started this but it’s pretty much ruled out any future BMWs for me. $20 a month for heated seats???

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Off topic, but they are simply saving on manufacturing cost by simplifying the assembly lines. Most likely, they had seat heating, etc., built in for a long time even if you didn’t pay for the option, because it makes no sense to build two different seats. Now, the lifetime option is still available and still costs the same as the optional feature always did. The only difference is that now you have the additional option of renting the feature. (Which can make financial sense if you need, e.g., seat heating only for you Norway vacation, or in January, or whatever)

There is a strong argument that CDX2/XPS2/202/200/HC2/NAPSC plus a wide variety of speakers was the most balanced system ever produced. Selling my 202/200 next year. Will be very sad to see them go but things move on and, frankly, I have tired of cable spaghetti.


Try pricing all basic (according to SWMBO) options such as seats, wheel, lights, adaptive steering/suspension, computer stuff etc. etc. Cost to replace like for like becomes prohibitive whether you pick one off or monthly. Of course there will be dealer offers but the cost of a reasonably top spec car at list is a joke.

Personally if my 56 plate dog bus passes MOT next week I’m delighted. Different priorities :laughing:

p.s. did anyone ever use options as more than a freebie bargaining chip? SWMBO has every option going but most are turned off as she finds them “annoying” :laughing:

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Making increasingly ugly and lardy models ? I hope not.


Someone with the right tech can enable things a manufacturer has kindly installed for you but omitted to activate. And as long you don’t have performance upgrades I don’t think there’d be any insurance implication.

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Before we all get too misty, it’s worth remembering that 202s and 200s are not difficult to find on the s/h market, and (for the time being, at least) can be serviced.

It’s certainly worked for me - ten years ago, when I was contemplating whether a Nait 5i was within budget, if you’d told me that in three years’ time I’d have a 202/200, I’d have laughed at you.



Maybe they are going to come out with a newer version of it that has a more modern look, I can’t see them not having an entry level separates system.
It kind of goes against the way they have made an upgrade path. Just sn3 to 282/250 in the us is a massive jump in price!


202/200 (with NAPSC) is a very capable combination. Not the ultimate in space and resolution etc. (which can’t be expected at the price) but has a lot of drive and energy.


It’s good that the SN3 caused the demise of the 202/200 if that’s true. Between a new SN3 and used 202/200, I would pick the latter if I were in the market for a Naim amp (I owned the 202/200 before and it’s stellar for the money).

Maybe just the first step, next is 282 and 250… Restructuring of the business model in progress?
Who knows…:man_shrugging:

It seems like a difficult position for the manufacturer. However, it fits the pattern we’ve seen over the past decade of ruthless culling of the range. In ten years we’ve lost:

  • Speakers
  • Entry level pre power amps
  • All shoe box components except the Atom
  • DACs
  • Tuners
  • All CD players except a 5 series model
  • streaming preamps
  • Headphone amp

Most of that before the era of covid and with no replacement.

For every new box added, 2 or 3 are axed.


I still have my 202/200 but it seems a Naim era of separates may be coming to an end as the 282/250DR is out of reach for many

I never owned a 42/110 but I guess the Atom is the replacement for that amplifier?

The NAP200DR is a very good power amplifier that will be missed

I like my Atom, but a substitute for any half decent pre/power amp? Not a chance.


I bought my 200DR in late March 2022, possibly the last one in stock in the USA, and I can’t help but feel lucky since it is a fantastic match to my 152XS, I plan to enjoy this combo for many years to come, it simply let’s the music shine through in a very special way.


Fact if the matter is that any option IS an insurance issue as it changes the residual value of the car, which effects payout levels in a total loss.

Face it, the world’s turning to crap around us, or are we just getting old? No I think it really is turning to crap.