202/200 discontinued?!

I knew they’d halted production but I thought that was due to parts availability, just seen this on the Naim website so presume it’s official now?

Am I slow to the story here?

We assumed they were back in December when they weren’t included in the price change list and dealers suggested they were. But I think they must have changed the website recently as this is the first time I’m seeing it.

Now that combo will get super popular !


Yes, for now. But we don’t know if it’s definitive.

I wonder how long the 282 and/or 250 would last for if Naim do release an Ubernait…:thinking::thinking:

I would have thought the SN3 would have been the final nail in the coffin for the 202/200 combo. A shame, but things move on.


They said the reason is some parts they can’t have for producing the 202/200 actually.

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I think it more a case of because certain parts were (and probably still are) in short supply, they would be prioritised elsewhere, so the NAC202 and NAP200 production was suspended.

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My dealer informed me it was due to the SN3 being so good.

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Perhaps this was inevitable but IMO it does leave a big gap in the range between the SN3 at £3.8k and the 282/250DR/HCDR at over £11k, which now becomes the cheapest pre-power. (And yes I know you can add HC to SN3.) Maybe this is clearing the way for the 272.2. :innocent:



Well I suppose you could use the 282 with the SN3 as a starting point into the move to separates, but yes, that’s quite a high cost entry point into the Naim pre-power range.

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I never really got on with the CDX2+202+200. Then again i never really gave it a chance and find a decent pair of speakers to partner them. I think if i had a decent source at the time and got my old chrome bumpers serviced, i may well have stayed at that level instead of obsessively going to what i have now (CDS3/Auralic/LP12+252+300+SL2). Anyway, i do appreciate what i have and what it does. Sounds amazing listening to Mahler 5, vienna philharmonic, pierre boulez.

A great shame to read this, not that it will stop me aspiring to a 202/200.

(Can’t help feeling though that something of the spirit of Naim has been lost. Will no doubt get shot down for this. )


I’m sure Naim will (eventually) turn out a worthy replacement…

In the meantime you’ve got a fine system there Chris. The 152XS was really the slimline version of the 282.


Ah. Thanks James. Very encouraging. Good to read.

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Clever salesman

He was not selling.
I was not buying.
Just shooting the breeze.

To me this is naim killing off lower level classic boxes.

Offer is now SN3 integrated at the £3-4K price point. It’s very good (according to review) and those who want “separates” then you have to jump to 282/250. SN3 + NDX2 satisfies the vast majority of the phone based generation?

The Nova is very capable (dealer says) at £4k for single box lovers. We still use a SuperUniti (+rPI for Tidal connect) in office so can well believe it.

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I guess so, and you can even add on with XPS and HCDR. I can see how the space for 202/200 got squeezed from “below”

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I started with Rotel fettled pre/monobloc powerx2, Micromega CD transport/DAC. Late 90s but fantastic. Vinyl thru various decks. Eventually a Rega RP1 with upgraded motor, Elys2, delrin platter, CNC stainless steel bearing.

Went to SuperUniti (marriage/house “merge” enforced) quality but lots missing. Although many would have heard an enjoyable stopping point. Started the naim journey. Moved to 272/250 as a space/sound compromise. Added PSU since Argos sold a 3 slot unit.

I can well imagine someone who’d never heard separates going to a dealer’s and walking out with a Nova.

We however are not fashionistas and are back to a full 6 box separates system :smile: